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New to site and would love some advice

I am a 48 yr old women. Advice on BW would be so appreciated.

T3 reverse 20 8-25ng/dl

TSH .02 .4 -4.50 miu/L

T3 total 111 76-181 ng/dl

T4 total 6.4 4.5-12.0mcg.dl

I have been taking 10mg of DHEA every other day. I take Cytomel 20mcg in the a.m. and 15 mcg in the p.m. Synthroid 125mcg daily and one tab if Ioderal (12.5mg) I have pituitary dysfunction. I also take bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. I am on 10mg Lexapro and 300mg buproprion. Any advice on how my numbers look would be so appreciated,. I have also taken Cortef prn for the past 5 years for adrenal fatigue. Im off of it now.

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Pittsburgh, Welcome to our 'patient to patient' support forum.

Members here are not medically qualified, but hopefully someone with appropriate personal knowledge and/or experience will be along soon to offer their comment on your test numbers and medication regime.


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