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Do I have Graves' or Hyperthyroidism?

Six weeks ago, I had Multinodular goiter, on right and left side of thyroid. Had biopsy, benign. I'm diagnosed as Hyperthyroidism in June, 2017. My symptoms were losing weight, good appetite, tired, little weak, feeling very nervous, heart palpitation, lack of sleep, etc. I'm taking Methimazole (30mg) once a day and Propranolol (20mg) three times a day. My blood result on June 23rd.

TSH - 0.005. (0.270-4.200)

T3 - 169.1. (80.0-200.0)

T4 - 3.150. (0.930-1.700)

TpoAb - 7IU/ml. (<9IU/ml)

Took another blood test (6 weeks later) on August 3rd (recent.)

TSH - 2.400 (0.270-4.200)

T3 - 74.5 (80.0-200.0)

T4 - 0.884 (0.930-1.700)

Today, the doctor said my TSH is now normal. She didn't say anything about T3 and T4. I've noticed T3 and T4 is little low. She told me that I only can take one Methimazole10mg and stop taking propranolol. She never mention if I have Graves' disease or not. Wondering if I have Graves' disease? She said I don't have autoimmune disease. Do you think I'm doing the right thing of taking Methimazole 10mg and stop propranolol? Your help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated it. Thank you.

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Well, she didn't test you for Graves, she tested you for Hashi's.


No wonder. Do you know what kind of test for Graves'?


TSI or TRab or TSH Receptor antibodies or TBII. But, I don't know a lot about it, because I have Hashi's. Sorry. :)


It's ok. You been very helpful. Thank you. 🙂


You're welcome. :)


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