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Graves or Hashi, confused and depressed

Hello everyone,

Trying for the 3rd time to post my numbers, feeling pretty depressed and confused about everything. My hair is falling out and Ive got the muscle pain I had before diagnosed with Graves

I'm 74 and previously healthy taking no meds before all this. Confused about what my diagnosis is

I will try one more time to post the tests. all thyroid panels have the same range

JULY 21: TSH: 0.01 ((0.34 - 5.60 uLU/mL), Free T4: 1.7 (0.6 - 1.6 ng/dL) Free T3 5.9 (2.8 - 4.4 pg/mL) diagnosed by GP with Graves. Put on 10 mg methimizole and 25 mg atetenol. had muscle loss and weakness, high pulse, pounding heart, insomnia

AUGUST 3: TSH: 0.02 Free T4: 1.0 Free T3: 4.0 Began taking 2000 mg L-carnitine

OCTOBER 1; TSH: 3.66 Free T4: 0.6 Free T3: 3.2 Stopped L-carnitine, Oct. 15 endo reduced methimizole to 5. mg at my request

NOVEMBER 5: TSH: 2.51 Free T4: 0.8 Free T3: 3.7 Nov. 15 I reduced methimizole to 2.5 on my own, was having hypo symptom, more hair loss, painful muscles I didn't take it a all for a week

I will post antibodies and vitamins next

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TSH 2.51 with low FT4 and FT3 indicates you were still overmedicated after endo reduced dose to 5mg so I think you're probably right to reduce to 2.5mg.


Hi mstiles you are so very similar to me- i am currently feeling palpy, breathy, trembly again ive reduced my 10mgs to 7.5mgs but endo says 5mgs so i will be starting that tomorrow, your tsh one mon th ago is where mine is now 3.77. Can i ask how quickly did you feel a dose change? Whether good or bad.xx


Yes it seems we are struggling with the same issues of what exactly do I have?? Best I can tell it seems like a couple of weeks to see changes? I will look at my notes but they are as confused as I am at the moment! If I can figure it out I will get back to you. I reduced to 5 mg, when my TSH was the highest. I was feeling hypo with no hyper symptoms. Then on my own I reduced to 2.5. I even stopped the Methimazole for 3 or 4 day’s. Which I don’t know if that was smart! Then I started to lose weight, anxious, more hair loss, etc and started back on 2.5 again. I’m trying to go by my symptoms but it’s confusing because they are so mixed, hard to tell what’s From Graves and what’s from Hashi sometimes. And like you I’m not sure how long it takes for a dose change to show up. Hope you get it sorted out,and feel better soon


Hi there yes its 12.30am here in uk and im still up and cant sleep as heart palps returned and breathless snd anxious. It seems to be a vicious circle. Yes i think it is around 3 to 4 weeks yo see a change and like you its hard to tell whether its hashis or graves playing up. I think im over medicated still so fown to 5mgs, how did you feel on your dose chsnge?


Hi there just seen your new post it will be interesting to see what comes of that. I know you cant be cured from it but symptons go into remission i believe.x


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