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Can someone tell me what this test is for

After finally getting my tsh down to under 1.5 my symptoms are back although my docotr thinks I have IBS due to my having differing bowel movements over the last few months and also keep getting thrush and now have UTI. One I have cleared up my UTI he has asked me to provide a Urine sample to test CA125, at the time he did not tell me what this was for and I thought it was to do with IBS. I did the usually and googled the test and it came back with Ovarian Cancer but these all seemed to be blood tests not Urine. Has anyone had this test for Urine and what else does it test for. Slightly concerned.....

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I was just going to say CA125 is normally a blood test, is it possible they just told you the wrong thing? If you do supply a urine sample I'm sure the lab will be in touch with you dr to say they need blood to rest. I've had 2 and both have definitely been the blood version.


Have your B12 and folate levels been checked.

Iregular bowel movements and frequent UTI are among the symptoms of B12 deficiency and if your thyroid problems are auto-immune that makes it statistically more likely that you have other auto-immune conditions, which would include PA (the most common cause of B12 deficiency.

More info on B12 on the PAS forum


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