I have hashimotos but I never seem to be wholly better. I am on. T3 only but I still can't lose weight . I have a wealth of other symptoms and went to my GP this morning with them.

He has decided to test for Cushings disease which I booked to have a blood test for next week. He has said I should have the test done at 9am bcos that is when cortisol levels are at their highest but I had a saliva test done once and it showed my cortisol level higher at night as opposed to the morning. If that's the case wouldn't my blood test be incorrect in the morning?

Many thanks.

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  • Re inability to lose weight: Have you ever had glucose suppression test or HBA1C test done? If it's outside of the range or even near the top of the range you could have insulin resistance. 1500mg of berberine daily with meals would help.

    I'm guess in your GP will test your blood cortisol levels. Getting saliva cortisol test done would show you your cortisol levels throughout the day.

  • I have had hb1c which I think shows diabetes risk? My daughter has type 1. I was told I'm not even anywhere near pre diabetes. I guess that means insulin resistance isn't involved?

  • You could still have insulin resistance with hb1c test within normal range (although it would be near the top of the range).

  • The NHS website says that cortisol is high at night with Cushings as opposed to high in the morning

    My Endo has ordered a 24 hour urine cortsiol test for me before I see him next as I have high blood pressure and am Asthmatic as well as very big and have UA thyroid. I think the blood test is supposed to be better but I'm not sure that 9am is a good time to look for high cortisol after reading that nhs page and others, your GP should know that though so maybe they are looking to see if your level dips in the morning. I had thought about paying for a cortisol saliva test from medicheck but I have seen people on here say that GP's won't look at them.

  • This page says that they may look for high cortisol and ACTH at 9am . So it looks like 9am can be a good time to test too. Strange how they preffer urine and blood to a nice easy saliva test eh? 😏

  • I had a 24 hr urine test done independently before I saw my go and the result was extremely high. I have high blood pressure and asthma breathing issues too.

  • For info on preparation, timing, and what to expect from all sorts of endocrinological tests, this is a really excellent link :

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