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So it's not Cushings! (no surprise there)

So I got my bloods done last week and I had the test done for Cushings with the overnight dexamethasone test. A Dr from the surgery rang me urgently the following morning which was a bit worrying as I was due to go on a long weekend break abroad but apparently the test had come back ok and he was just ringing to check that I had taken the tablets - yes I had! Also I was having a huge amount of stress at the time so if you wanted to test for Cushings that was the ideal time.

I suspect that my Endo was pinning his hopes on my symptoms being Cushings and not thyroid.

Now I just need to wait for the other blood test results to come back - it's a week today. The tests were taken early in the morning 8.30am and I didn't eat anything before them. The endo has asked for the full thyroid panel to be done including T3, plus coeliac, antibodies, sex hormone tests and full blood count.

I had some real odd pains on holiday - both my wrists were hurting me one night, it was so bad that it was waking me up & making me wince, I hadn't done anything physical with them! - it just happened for 1 night though and stopped. I had real issues with my right wrist many years ago - was investigated for carpal tunnel ( i know it is a hypo thing) and then it stopped as soon as it came on.

I have really sore eyes (I have blepharitis) at the moment and blurred vision at times. My eyesight also got worse with my other hypo symptoms last year when I first started having real issues.

I have the saliva test to do for my adrenal health next!

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KK12, hopefully the comprehensive testing your endo is doing will lead to a diagnosis to relieve your symptoms.


I live in hope Clutter but he's already told me that he won't give me Levo or anything else based on my previous blood test results. He doesn't and won't prescribe T3 and he doesn't believe in adrenal fatigue so I am kinda not getting my hopes up of getting anywhere with him!


Kk12, when you get the results post them in a new question with the lab ref ranges and members will comment.

Don't worry about his stance on T3 and adrenal fatigue. Most people do well on Levothyroxine once they're optimally medicated and there are some knowledgeable members who can advise on adrenal issues and supplements.


I sure will Clutter - I know I have many hypo symptoms and that my Vit D, Vit B12, Folate & Ferritin are certainly not optimal - he is also testing my Ferritin levels again as I have been supplementing but don't feel it's enough.

I have the adrenal saliva test here to do at home, just trying to pick the best day to do the test!


This sounds very similar to my son's issues. They tested for cushings and thought he had it but every test showed cortisol in normal range. He has so many symptoms of it but normal cortisol.

Please reply with your levels of the blood tests when you get them.


I have done a new thread with the results I did have. I still have the saliva test to do!


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