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Am soooo angry update !


The surgery have just phoned with my latest blood tests, which I was told was to be TSH only -

I was even wondering why I even bothered to get this done but followed the doctors orders so now T3 = 5.5 ( range 3.1 - 6.8 ) 65% through

T4 = 22.00 ( "" 12 - 22.0 ) 100% "" making a 1 -4 ratio

considering the above, and from where I was in May am guessing that rT3 is now not an issue ? Not knowing these results, this morning paid for a full blood test, including the rT3 as thought it might be necessary at my endo appointment next month - so, I know my brain function has improved these past weeks, and am impressed by this result - however my thoughts are now that I might be one of those people who function better slightly over range and I also feel I have adrenals issues that need to be addressed - any thoughts gratefully appreciated : I also decided to venture out of the UK to purchase some T3 that, hopefully should be dropping on my doormat within a week or two, or three ?

Very many thanks for being there,

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Your latest blood tests seem good. I also think you are feeling a lot better.

This is a post by one of TUK's Advisors (deceased) which might be helpful re RT3. Go to the date March 24, 1999 on the following link.

pennyannie in reply to shaws

Thanks for that, shaws, yes, makes sense, when you feel so ill you look for the villain of the piece and grab hold of anything that might make some sense of it all -being with Graves disease and having had rai ablation some 13 years ago, and having been in an ever decreasing circle of wellness for some 4 years now, am desperate, at 68 was thinking maybe this is at goods as it gets, and finding this site this year I now know there are options and the doctors doesn't always know best - oh, sorry, didn't say medication T4 only increased from 100 to 125 mg in May -

One other question, if I may, as someone who has just turned 70 and probably having age related slowing down processes occurring, wouldn't it seem sensible to increase one's T4 slightly to compensate - rather than drop it down because of the " presumed health risks " of overmedication - especially when no blood test except a TSH is undertaken in making the decision ?

Than you

shawsAdministrator in reply to pennyannie

You will find info on the following link and the doctor also wrote an article/book about 'The Tyranny of the TSH' now out of print. He only took blood tests for the initial diagnoses.

My personal view (having hypothyroid) that people who have had their thyroid gland RAI or thyroidectomy should always be given a combination of T4/T3. Scientists have also proven many feel much better with a combination, even if they have their thyroid gland.

pennyannie in reply to shaws

Yes, everything I have read suggest the same - realistically it makes sense thyroid produces 4 hormones and yet we are replaced with just 1 - we need to be offered options, from knowledgeable medical people who know what they are doing - at present these people are you guys and am so grateful for all of your help and support -

shawsAdministrator in reply to pennyannie

It is a ridiculous situation in that the doctors are following their guidelines which keep many patients very unwell.

It is a relief when we find we aren't the only one who is or has had a struggle.

Many members have recovered with advice from the forum and it comes as a surprise to many that, yes, there are options but doctors forbidden to use their expertise or to diagnose upon clinical symptoms. or to offer alternatives if patient is clearly not improving.

You still could have excess rT3, as there's still a lot of unconverted T4 in your system. When you get that T3, do drop your dose of T4 a bit, won't you. :)

Oh, ok, thanks gg - thought this " jump " in my T3 result meant that I was converting - have had private bloods done this morning including the rT3 so you'll see me here again once I have the results - probably after endo appointment in early August - and, yes, of course should anything fall onto my mat I shall file it in my left shoe 'til I speak with you all again -

Thank you soooo much


You are a good converter as FT3 5.5 is in the upper third of range so you're unlikely to get much benefit from adding T3 and will need to be careful to ensure FT3 remains within range.

Yes, surprised in this jump - T3 is + 1.5 from previous test early May giving me now 5.5 and my T4 also increasing by 1.5 to 22 : that was on a 25 mg increase from 100 to 125 levothyroxine -

You suggested I could go up in May, I thought the differential too small but you were right, as always, so, I thank you for your expertise and no doubt we'll be here again after tests and endo in early August -

Many thanks

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