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Severe pain in back of neck and head

Hi, I was given a diagnosis of Hyper by my GP after routine bloods done due to severe swelling of my ankles. He said he didn't want to give me medication as he felt it would be better to see a consultant and find the underlying cause etc. He felt he didn't know enough which I appreciate his homesty. I am finally seeing the consultant for the first time on wednesday. I am armed with a list of my "symptoms" and knowledge of what bloods need to be done etc. I still feel rubbish but have managed fairly well. Anyhow, on saturday I suddeny started getting incredibly painful pressure like pains in the back of my head on my right hand side also in the neck same side, almost feels like something pushing to get through if you know what I mean. It is incredibly painful but lasts only 10-30 seconds. it comes in clusters then goes for a few hours sometimes longer. Is this thyroid or is something else going on ?? Thanks for reading x

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What were the blood results from which your doc diagnosed that you were hyper? How hyper? Swelling ankles are what I had when I was finally diagnosed and by then I was very, very hyper. Needed beta blockers to calm my heart. Your doc should have at least talked to an endo at your local hospital to get you started on some meds, I feel but there seems to be a very relaxed attitude recently to what is quite a serious problem. As for the pain, I did not have that but being hyper gives you pains and symptoms of all kinds, so it may well be connected. I hope you get good help at your appointment and start to feel better soon.


Hi Also consider, if Endo does not feel it is all due to that, have an ultra sound of thyroid any way. Also if no answer consider seeing a cardio, make sure good, lots of bad ones about!If ankles, or any oedema or Ascites ( tum) go down over night , usually considered not too serious. Drink plenty.

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When I was hyper (and I was severely hyper) I had horrible headaches and tooth ache. In fact, before going to the GP because of the headaches, I saw a dentist to check out the tooth ache, but they didn't find anything wrong. When I got diagnosed (FT4 > 100) and I started medication, the pain went away.

Make sure you get medication!! I find it a bit strange your GP didn't start you on Carbimazole and/or beta blockers - he doesn't need to be a thyroid specialist for that. He just needs to treat the hyper symptoms and refer you to an endocrinologist.

All the best!


I think your GP seems more intelligent than many - in my view too often medical professionals do not attempt to find out what is the root/underlying cause: Why is someone developing for example hyperthyroid condition (without an autoimmune component), or Graves' disease, (which is an autoimmune hyperthyroid condition)? When one treats the root cause/actual cause of a disorder their health can be restored, as opposed to managing the symptoms.

I'm reading an interesting book called "Natural treatment solutions for hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease" by Eric M. Osansky, D.C. - and would recommend it to others who enjoy reading and life long learning in an attempt to regain one's health.


This sounds very similar to when I was first diagnosed as hyper, very hyper, i started on beta blockers the same day as i felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest! I had severely swollen ankles too but when I eventually saw an endo they said that's nothing to do with the thyroid, it might be different in other areas but in Newcastle a GP can't treat hyper, except for beta blockers, hyper is only dealt with by endo and hypo is dealt with by GP, hope that's helpful x


I didn't get treatment until I had seen the consultant, but my appointment was made there and then by the GP, I think hyper needs investigation , I was given medication and further tests by the consultant, turned out to be graves . But maybe others would not be able to wait for medication and I could.


Thanks folks! Guess I will just see what the consultant says on weds and pray he is a good one! I don't have my results but assume they will retest anyway! My GP said very in fact his word was crazy! He also said giving me meds could disguise cause and that needed treating, and to go back if anything got worse etc. I think I am so close to appointment I may as well hang on. I am happy he was thinking of me and what is best.

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Long time since you last posted here, but I wondered if you ever had a definite answer re your headaches and whether they are connected to your hyperthyroidism?

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and seem to have had identical symptoms as you - including incredibly painful pressure-type headaches on the right side of my head, sometimes radiating up from the neck. Like you, these last up to 20 seconds at most, and some days I get them several times and others not at all.

So I would love to know how that panned out for you.


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I am in the same boat! Can anyone report back with what ended up working?


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