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Tiromel T3, is it safe?

Hiya! I am trying to purchase T3 without a precription to try it as a small dose in addition to my 100mcg of Levo. I have sourced Cytomel from Mexico but can only buy a larger quantity, therefore making it too expensive for me if it doesn't help or I get adverse reations (I tend to be rather hypersensitive to a lot of products, chemicals etc), so I want to go at it with caution in small doses to start. I can't seem to locate reasonably priced Cytomel in a smaller quantity anywhere else as all sites I have googled say out of stock. I have come across Tiromel but not sure if it is the proper genuine T3 as it is advertised for bodybuilding (can't understand why folk want to abuse potentially harmful hormone replacements just to get a few rippley bumps around themselves). Anyway, is Tiromel safe and effective for hypo folk who want to take a T4/T3 combo Rx regime? Any help with this product, I'd be oodles so grateful!

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Tiromel is Turkish Liothyronine so it is safe and effective as a T4+T3 combination therapy for hypothyroid patients.

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