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Run out of T3, unable to source more, desperate and health declining

Help needed! I ran out of T3 (Uni-Pharma Cytomel) a fortnight ago. I've been trying to source the same brand for several months with no joy. Payment methods have not worked. In desperation I have tried other less reputable sites and still am not getting anywhere either due to payment methods not working, the companies not responding to orders or orders not arriving. Please help! I have some Turkish Tiromel (only small quantity left) that I tried last year but didn't work very well for me. I can already feel my energy levels dropping, pains returning and feeling weak... Hubby has suggested we travel to Greece or Turkey to get some straight from a pharmacy. What are the chances of this working for me? Will I need a prescription? (I self medicate). How do I know which pharmacies to visit?



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There is a shortage of UniPharmaT3 in Greece so you won't be able to buy it over the counter.

Tiromel is available over the counter in Turkey but not necessarily in every pharmacy so you might have to try several. As far as I'm aware Tiromel is still available online but if it doesn't work for you it might be better to try Grossman Cynomel from Mexico. Unfortunately delivery from Mexico can be slow up to 6-8 weeks.


Thank you.


Ang66 It is very difficult to get at the moment. The usual recommended suppliers are overrun with orders and there appears to be a shortage of T3 in Greece. With one supplier, orders are being taken and paid for, but the delivery period is running into many weeks and many members are worried that they won't be getting what they paid for. Another one has stopped the ordering facility on their website, changed their email address and is only taking orders from established clients and is putting them on a waiting list.

People living in Greece are also having problems being supplied, now having to produce their prescription and only allowed one box at a time. It appears that anyone on holiday there and asking for T3 are being told they have none or can't get it so I think travelling to Greece would be a waste of time. Not sure about Turkey.

There are some recent threads about this but the search facility is so random that I can't find them.

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Thank you.


You may have to have a plan B and take either NDT or T4 to keep you ticking over. I certainly wouldn't travel anywhere without knowing you will be successful.


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