GP s secretary.. Health care nurse, Doctors,

GP s secretary.. Health care nurse, Doctors,

On visiting my doctor with multiple things to ask, but on ringing up originally I said to secretary I needed a extension on my sick note-been off since January with Oestioarthritis of my left knee. And other problems.. Tinnitus TMD Fibro, Went in with my note as I have brain fog- I felt she looked at that list and just could nt wait for me to go.. She said how's anxiety? Then I felt she did nt look or listen. I said about my ringing in ears worsening, quickly she got up flashed a light inside them said they were clear?? then quickly after I said I'm sure some times I stop breathing but wake up gasping? she then suggested to do all bloods,she printed off the sick note, and said to see reception for blood appointment,

I did so and was given a lovely young trainee medical nurse, who was very obliging she did blood the GP had requested, TSH, vitamins, liver kidney etc but not The full thyroid panel so I asked her can you request this for me, She went to ask someone else as she was a trainee as I said. All was or seemed to be good.who ever she spoke to must have said yes. by the Friday I recieved a letter asking me into the surgery and I won't lie I thought oh god they ve found something. Nothing else was explained. I ran the secretary and she said nothing just made an appointment with Some head nurse practitioner called Tracy, I was nervous but when I got in I was furious, she told me the young nurse had put the blood samples in the wrong bottles, she seemed to pass the buck. What I thought was strange was this Tracy only took one sample for glucose and said its all we need as your bloods had only been done in the March. Do they throw away blood if in wrong bottles or what should they have done, I did ask about the full tsh panel done again and she said about it being in range last time, but I was trying to say it was my horrible Symtoms I'm living with that was the biggest problem, she said take it up with the management., I know it's not the trainee or this Nurse Tracey's fault. I know I must feel poorly when I never kicked off, truth is I need to really complain after thinking about it. I think I was in shock.

Anyway I have just rang for the results from her test and the secretary said all clear no problem- I asked what about my urine and again she said all was fine, I then asked for appointment to speak with GP and was told ring on Friday, so I asked for a copy of the blood s done and urine, she said who for I said me and she told me it wouldn't be possible. I asked why and she said if it's not for a consultant then they don't do it.. This can't be the normal, am I allowed a print out or not.. 🌺🌺 sorry it's lengthily 🌺


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  • Dutch07,

    Ask whether your results are available for you to view online and, if so, arrange the necessary registration. If not, then ask for a printout of your results and ranges, to be verbally told your results and ranges, or for an appointment to view your records online. The Data Protection Act entitles patients to their results so the practice must make them available to you. If necessary, make a written subject access request for your results.

  • Thanks I will get onto that asap 🤓

  • If you can afford £99 get full Thyroid and vitamin tests done privately via Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven or Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin

    DIY finger prick test or option to pay extra for private blood draw

    All thyroid blood tests should be done as early as possible in morning and fasting

  • Thanks👍🏻👍🏻

  • The blood vials have different coloured tops for different tests as the vials have a coating which preserves the blood for whatever test is needed. If the blood is put in the wrong vial, it has to be thrown away.

    As the GP asked for all bloods, Tracy should have redone all the bloods and not taken the decision on what to do - that is wrong. She did not know the reasons the GP wanted the bloods, and she should be pulled up on this.

    Write a note and drop it in to the surgery asking for another appointment for all the bloods as the GPs directions have not been met. While you are there, just pleasantly ask to "glance at your file for the last results" - to look is free. It is none of their business what you want them for - when I am asked I just say "its MY body!". They usually give you a print out just to get you away from the counter!

    The surgery is being careless with your health, just politely and quietly push back. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thankyou very much for your lovely words of wisdom and polite reply as to what steps to follow, I had not noticed the tops on the vials before, I will go on Friday totally positive at this rate.


  • Just a comment about the wrong the wrong bottles. You will have notices that they have different colored caps on them. That's not just to show what the test is but how the tube is prepared. There is an anticoagulant to stop the blood clotting and there are different types on anticoagulants used. They vary as to thectime if test. For example you wouldn't want one. Obtaining calcium if you were having your.calcium level tested! Certainly wouldn't be an accurate test! Providing the blood is in the correct tube they do save it for a few days in case the chap looking at the results isn't happy and wants to recheck.

  • Thankyou Silverfox that makes sense now, Appreciate the reply 🌺

  • Hello Dutch07,,,First let me say on the blood test request forms it tells the person what colour topped bottles to use and how many are needed,,,,the trainee should not have been taking your blood unsupervised,,,as she could have missed the vein and hit an artery,,,this needs to be raise in a complaint with the practise manager and the senior head of practise doctor,,,and if no response the with the ccg,,for your area,,,,the retest bloods and their results should have been given to you by the doctor,,,and explained the results,,reception staff are not qualified to interpret the results,,,,and when seeing the gp or practise nurse,,,you can have the results printed out for you to keep,,,the reception staff are just talking rubbish,,,,you do not need a consultants permission,,,,back to the gp and see them,,and get the print out,,,I get them after every test,,,and complain about how you have been treated,,,especially frightening you by not explaining why you need to have the bloods redone,,,relax have a cup of tea,,,,good luck and take care,,,,ttfn from karen.

  • Thankyou scoucer 58, that's such good advice for me and has helped me, my problem is I'm always scared to up set people but in the end I get upset. It's just been ongoing, I'm stronger from being on health unlocked, lovely people with a lot of knowledge and experience. Thanks have a great day 🌺🌺🌺🌺

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