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And here I thought Doctors were supposed to care!!

Went to my doctor today to get blood work results and to discuss returning symptoms.

(I've had an under active thyroid since I was 9yrs old and hashimoto's for the last 8 years - I'm now 34)...

I mentioned to the Doctor that I think I'm being under treated and she turns and says going on the results I'm actually taking too much (200mcg). I asked if they could reduce the thyroxine and supplement with T3. That was a flat NO.

I then asked when they would stop treating the blood work and treat me as a person... I was told that would not happen and that they will always treat the blood results. I then asked if she was happy that I lived a substandard life as a result. Guess what the answer was.... a resounding Yes!

Why wont these doctors at least try to help????? I'm sooo frustrated!

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hi ,, Have to agree with you. i have had the same problem. My GP just wouldt listen to me. We know when our own bodies are not working correctly.. i spent a few days going the a list of doctors before i found one that did listen to me.. Things now are going well, just try and find new doctor that will listen to you tracey. There are some good doctors out there.. good luck..DONT GIVE UP.x


Hi Tracey,

It might be worth taking the following to your doctor with reference to No 6 on the question list.

It's Dr. Anthony Toft answering questions on blood levels when on thyroxine and also whether T3 should be added.

I believe he is one of the top thyroid experts.

There is also a paper called, 'New research shows it may be safe for patients taking thyroxine to have lower TSH levels than currently recommended.' Society for Endocrinology - media release. 16th March 2010

Also, from Endocrine Abstracts, Society for Endocrinology BES 2009

V Panicker, P Saravanan et al, 'Common variation in the DI02 gene predicts baseline psychological well-being and response to combination T4/T3 therapy in patients on thyroid hormone replacement'.

There are plenty more papers on the use of combination therapy, so worth searching on the internet.

Hope this helps



Totally agree with you - I have had similar experiences and with an Endo! have written in the Helpvine about it. Good luck


Tracey, any chance of finding a better GP? It really makes me so mad, we may as well not see them because they are just looking at blood test results so why don't they just write to us? There is no way that I would have a poor quality of life just so they are happy with our TSH!

This is a sad fact, I even know of someone who is given extra thyroid medication from their relative who lives abroad as the GP will only prescribe the right amount each month. She feels very well I hasten to add!

What were your results?


Hi Suze,

I am currently on 200mcg of Levothyroxine and have suggested to my doc that maybe reducing that and supplementing with T3... no luck there!

my recent bloods results suggest that I am being over diagnosed

T3 4.7 pmol/L

T4 19 pmol/L

TSH <0.05mU/L

I did ask for antibodies but the doctor said that they were of no importance and wouldn't test for them.

I did take an extra pill (self diagnosed to see how I would feel) for a few days. I did start to feel a little better but as it was only for 4 or 5 days I couldn't be sure and it was an extra 100mcg .


I had the same problem with doctors not listening until i had a mini tantrum and demanded that i see a specialist. Well that one worked and i got my wish but the specialist wasnt so easy. I had to deal with his side kick to start with (trainee) who had to keep referring back to him, and his attitude, (the specialist) was very arogant, much like what i have heard on here "i know best, its my job etc" and needless to say i hit a brick wall and got no further. I suffer with low moods alot and tiredness and the only way i can combat this is swimming 1hr and gym 1½ hrs a day 4 days a week. Fitting this in with my daily routine is hard but keeps me feeling fit helps with fatigue and best of all helps with my mood swings, oh and when i get tired i feel like im tired for a reason.


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