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Started on thyroxine 2 weeks ago and still feel like crap. Would love to hear stories of people who feel better!


I have had hypo symptoms for nigh on 20 years (since 1st pregnancy) so I was so happy to finally be treated but I feel more tired than ever.

I got a copy of my last bloods and see that my ferritin is 22, iron levels are well below range and I have very high markers for inflammation which explains why I look like a beach ball on legs! My GP did not tell me this, just about the hypo, and did not prescribe iron supps. High blood pressure was diagnosed just prior to hypo diagnosis and I am on Losartan for that. Anyone know if effective hypo treatment will resolve this?

I am so desperate to start to feel like a normal person again. I have felt like crap for almost half my life. My next GP appointment is in 2 weeks. Any suggestions on what to ask, should I ask for T3 supplements as well? I am aware that a lot of GPs don't have a lot of knowledge of the thyroid so I want to be well armed!

Anyone know about iron transfusions and where you can get them done?

Grateful for any advice.

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You should have a blood test every 6-8 weeks and your levo adjusted up unti your TSH is 1 or below.You also need Free T4 and Free T3 results and the ranges but your GP will probably just do TSH. Most do not need T3 ,those who do are increasingly not getting it.

You should also get B12 and D3 tested.

At first you may feel worse as the pituitary senses the hormone you are taking and instructs the thyroid to produce less. Some symptoms should soon go when on sufficient levo others may remain ( in my case nearly 12 months) and twelve months on from that got worse and trying an increase.

Sadly,there is no quick fix.



"my ferritin is 22, iron levels are well below range"

Do you have the ranges for these?

Ferritin needs to be half way through it's range for thyroid hormone to work. If your iron levels are below range this can indicate anaemia so will need treating.

Post all your results, with reference ranges, for comment and suggestions.

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