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First bloods since started thyroxine 100mcg 6 weeks ago

Hi all

I have just phoned for my results from blood test to see how I am doing after starting 100mcg thyroxine -

i am not clear on what they are testing I am meeting with go next week as no-one has explained anything to me really

So my Tft was 15

But my thyroid stimulating hormone was 0.16 which is seemingly quite low as no Dr has seen these Results yet I have to wait till Monday for a telephone conversation


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Carri477 please can you add the ranges ( the figures in brackets after your result) this will help members to comment.


Your Tft or your FT4?

The TSH is irrelevant once you are on thyroid hormone replacement. Doesn't matter how low it goes.



TSH 0.16 is likely to be below range but you are not over medicated as long as FT4 is within range. FT4 15 is less than mid-range in a range 12-22.

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Thank you yes that's the range they stated . TFT 15 and the other is meant to be 2-5 I think she said

I am going to pop in to surgery tomorrow to ask for print outs as I'd like a copy of my original bloods taken at endocrine to see the difference plus keep a record myself


the other is meant to be 2-5

If your doctor was referring to TSH when she mentioned 2 - 5 that is a bit of a warning bell. A TSH of 2 is too high for many people being treated and they do better with a TSH of 1 or under. If your doctor keeps your TSH at 2 - 5 then you are likely to be left under-treated.

It's always good to be prepared though...


You are right to request print-outs of your blood test results for your own records and you can post if you have a query.

The best way to know if your hormone replacement is working is how you 'feel', i.e. if better that's good and you should have an increase in meds until you feel better with no clinical symptoms.


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