I have been on thyroxine for 3 weeks and feel like a new person but I am still losing lots of hair.Is this normal?

I wrote a couple of months ago feeling quite beside myself as I felt so poorly, however, since then, after a long and frustrating journey and a change of GP I was commenced on levothyroxine 50mcg. Within about 4 days I felt like the light had been switched on. The difference has been incredible However I am still losing lots of hair and it seems thinner than ever. I am wondering if it will ever stop thinning or should I be more patient. Any advice would be very gratefully received. Thank you

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  • My hair started falling out because I had got hypo because of taking Carbimazole, I started on 50 mcg levo and felt better but the hair still came out, eventually in July after I had been taking 75mcg for about six weeks then alternating 75/100mcg for a bit longer than that I realised that my hair had stopped falling out. So maybe you need a bit more levo to stop it falling out and I would say it is definitely growing back.

  • Thats good to readLizH

  • folk report that B vitamins and ferritin help with hair loss - it's often recommended to test & supplement if low, especially irons folate, ferritin, B12, Vit D for starters (or even a good B complex may help). Brilliant that you are feeling better 'tho J x

  • I've been on T4 levo for 5 years (currently on 300mg), and T3 for 1 year (currently 50mg), my hair loss only stopped after starting B12 injections 2 months ago!! I don't know if its the B12 alone or the combination of everything else that made it stop falling out. I'd been taking B12 tablets (1000mg) for almost 7 years, but it I only recently found out that they where not doing anything for me as I can't absorb it due to antibodies. :(

    I also only started loosing weight from taking the B12 injections!

  • Sounds like I should have said I also started taking sublingual B12 think it is 5000mcg - my B12 was just over the lower limit of the range but was told it was ok! Also take daily 1000mcg slow release Vit C but have taken that for a very long time so perhaps it is the B12 that has helped.

  • The more I increase my ferritin (iron) levels the less my hair is falling out - its either that or a new hair product, which cost a fortune I might add, that my daughter recommended and is for thin hair. Don't like the product much but if it is stopping the hair loss I'll keep using it.

    Moggie x

  • I did start taking iron again last night to see if this will help. Out of interest what hair product are you using? I am looking into that also as well as diet etc. Thanks for getting back to me x x

  • It is this one but I bought a couple of lots as the local hairdressers has a money back guarantee if it does not work so, thinking that it must be good, thought I would stock up.


    Also found that the "scalp and hair treatment" is like a mouse and, don't know if I put too much on, made my hair really stiff and difficult to comb. Am now using less and getting on better with it, so if you do get any don't go mad with the stuff in the little bottle as I lost more hair trying to get a comb through it than I normal would have.

    Still not sure about this product but someone else from this site did recommend this (she is a hairdresser) but I haven't tried it yet. She said it takes some beating.


    Moggie x

  • Would you kindly tell me what hair product you are using? Thanks

  • See above

    Moggie x

  • My hair is also thin and I am trying Nourkrin but that costs a lot of money as well. You have to wait six months before you see any results I have been told. I have only been using it for six weeks but will let you all know if it does in fact help my hair after the full six months.


  • Hi All,

    I have commenced treatment with LA Science a hair follicle stimulating shampoo and serum.I have also started Vitamin B complex and iron tablets as my iron levels are on the lower side of normal. I am also hoping to get back to the gym now that I feel well enough to attend! I'll keep you posted

    Thanks for all your responses. I just assumed that because I felt so much better that my hair would just stop falling out or at least slow down but sadly not the case. Big sigh x

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