Started NDT 30mg few days ago, is it possible that I already feel better?

Started naturethroid about a week ago, never had any thyroid medication despite having TSH of 7 / 8 for over 7 years. Started on 30mg, then after 4 days, alternated 70mg and 30mg, so on this for a couple of days. And I already feel I have more energy, don't need so much sleep (up to 14 hours a night) and chores that seemed so daunting only a week ago, seem quite manageable now. So is it possible to notice an improvement in such a short space of time?

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  • Absolutely it is! Within 4 days I managed a day without sleeping for the first time in 3 months, and have never gone backward in the 8 weeks I have been taking it. Great isn't it? :-D

  • Can we get NDT on prescription in UK. Thanks.

  • In theory, yes. But it is often difficult. There are full details of how to go about it on the main ThyroidUK website

  • This link for a list of chemists in UK who supply NDT on prescription:

  • Hi HarryE, thank you. I wasn't expecting any change/improvement for weeks or even months, so I don't think it's a placebo effect. Can you let me know what you are taking and at what dosage please? And what your TSH was and did you have a more recent test after taking the medication?

  • My TSH was 'only' 3.3 when first tested at Christmas. By early march it was 4, but I was really ill, have been off work for 4 months, just gone back in part time and doing OK. I'm taking Naturethroid too, started on 1/2 grain and worked up to 2 very slowly. I've just had another blood test and TSH is just under range, with free t3 & 4 right at the top. I felt great when I had the blood taken but about 2 days later felt like I'd drunk too much coffee so have knocked it back by 1/4 to see if that's enough.

  • Thank you HarryE, very helpful. Look forward to such improvements. I started feeling very tired back when my TSH was 4, 8 years ago. Tiredness and foggyy thinking got worse and worse over the years till last year TSH 8, which I didn't know about as receptionist always reported back 'normal'. Was only when insisted on blood test results for last 10 years and posted up results here did I find out how out of whack I was. Self-medicated following advice on here. Though the Naturethroid (100 x 140mg) seems to be working, for financial reasons will be trying Thiroyd from ebay as £50 for 1000 x 60mg inc shipping. Hope to be able to buy before listing disappears. Though won't actually need for weeks/months. Exp 2016 on the listing.

  • Thank you very much. I am currently testing to see if I am allergic to lactose. I generally do very little i.e.; lactose free milk and only a little goats or ewes cheese and not cheddar cheese.Maybe the lactose + rubbishy additives are giving me what is now a permanent rash over face and neck red and always there…..aghhhhh-on it goes with the constant tiredness now. Thanks everyone for your support. Invaluable. NDT here I come if I can . I will try it for a month but want to do it through "reputed??" pharmacy rather than through Ebay-just in case…Thank you all.

  • Hello Can I comment in here to. I have also started NDT and am feeling improvement in all areas. Mental and physical. I'm working up from 1/2 gram and feel positive (although after so long feeling rubbish - it's a bit disconcerting!!). I know it's early days but very promising so far. Wishing you all good health Jeannie x

  • I know what you mean Jeannie! I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast :-)

    Onwards and upwards x

  • :-))))

  • Hi Jeanniex, thank you for your input. How long have you been taking the 30gm?

  • Hi cc120 about 10 days I'm going to up by 15gm now! Working up to 60gm

  • Thank you jeanniex, my tablets are 130mg so can't get them smaller than 30mg, but going up by 15gm is certainly the best way.

  • hi cc120 I have a small pill cuttuer I bought from Bo--ts (in-case i'm not supposed to endorse) it's not perfect but it cuts them - they are tiny little things aren't they? But they seem to be doing the job and that's all that matters :-)

  • So Harry, which pharmacy did you order the Naturethroid from please ?Was it UK and will a UK Dr be able to order this for me with my prescription. Thank you so much for any help here.

  • I bought my own because the NHS refused to treat me at all. But if you can get your GP to prescribe it, just use the link that cc120 posted above.

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