Who would like better Thyroid treatments available or at least a choice?

To work towards this possible idea it just takes two steps.

1. Sign the petition

2. NOW pass it on to all your friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbours, via email, Facebook or other groups... Just imagine if 16,000 on here all helped to do this how many signatures we could have?



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  • Signed

  • That is great to sign, but please pass it on, via email, Facebook, Twitter, other forums.. to help it keep going please. Thank you. MaryF

  • I would but I will not sign any petitions, why? Because they are just swept under the carpet!! The BTA is ALWAYS consulted by MP's and they are the problem, they are hand in glove with the pharmaceutical companies that make levo, which is why they will never let us have a choice!! Last year in the US alone levo profits were $400 MILLION ... Kinda says it all.

  • Does not stop me trying or others, but each to their own. MaryF

  • I'm not saying we should stop trying, merely that we need to look for a different approach, you will A:WAYS get a standard letter from whoever, just because the government have said they will debate in parliament if there are a certain number of signatures does not mean they have to actually do anything about the problem.

  • No.... I understand your perspective, and if there were 100,000 plus signatures it would trigger a debate, many many people all around the world are trying to take action about this, In Scotland a debate has been triggered due to actions taken by some. However there has to be bigger support and more action by the public to get this on the agenda. I don't just sign petitions, I do many more things behind the scenes. Have a good week-end. MaryF

  • totally agree ..... if we all buried our heads in the sand we would still be serfs without thoughts and feelings . but thankfully we are not still in the middle ages ....alan xx

  • Yes lots of people are helping and rather than just signing they are pushing it out and also writing articles! MaryFx

  • i am not someone with either a glass half full or empty ............I ALWAYS think my glass is ALWAYS FULL .....that way there is no air or space within ----unlike my mind at times ....yuk yuk yuk .....alan xx

  • Yes petitions is only part of it, many of use are doing other things behind the scenes, talking to the right people. TUK have made great progress! MaryF

  • that is 1 reason why I will ALWAYS support tuk AND all the good people here in any way that I can in any way that I can .....power to those that do !!

  • The difference is that in Scotland patients have been asked directly for their input, that is never going to happen in England! Another thing is that we have to pay for prescriptions whereas in the rest of the UK they don't......

  • Well being a proactive half cup full person, I tend to get on with doing something rather than doing nothing. The actions of a group of women in Scotland has made a huge difference not an agenda started by Scottish Parliament or the NHS! I find any form of negativity to be of no use to me, I have five conditions, and do not have time for it! Enjoy the rest of your week end. MaryF

  • ps I do look forward to any suggestion you have to raise awareness, give patients a choice and reach a wide audience through media, the government and various regulatory bodies, I look forward to supporting your venture with this. I have been led to believe also from behind the scenes that many are behind change now. MaryF

  • To not to sign a petition on the premise it will be swept under the carpet is a defeatist attitude in my opinion. Your claim Glynisrose may not be fact. And hey why not sign it and pass it on just I case it is not swept under the carpet! You have nothing to lose and everyone has so much to gain. C

  • To not to sign a petition on the premise it will be swept under the carpet is a defeatist attitude in my opinion. Your claim Glynisrose may not be fact. And hey why not sign it and pass it on just I case it is not swept under the carpet! You have nothing to lose and everyone has so much to gain

  • Oops! Twice

    Ps and if everyone's attitude was not to sign because of incorrect facts, We'll we might as well give up all hope and let the drug companies and health service carry on killing us slowly while we allow it! NO NOT ME! SIGN it and PASS IT ON!

  • Well of course the biggest problem in any situation is 'apathy'..... Lots of us do so much more behind the scenes than just sign petitions.....and pass them on and help with promotion, but a better use of my limited energy rather than anger! Mx

  • I shared it again last week and it was then shared by a good friend, after she and her husband signed it. OK, so that's only a few more signatures but it's better than nothing. Who knows, maybe one of her friends went on to share it.

    Time to share again :D

  • If we do nothing then nothing will happen we have to start somewhere.I signed and shared it all my family and friends have signed if we all stick together keep on signing and sharing.

  • Completely agree! Just shared it again. Maybe someone else will pick it up this time :)

  • Yes...I am doing other stuff also. I have also put it in over 30 different groups and forums.. so here is hoping. MaryF

  • Exactly, I sent it out to all my contacts by email and several signed and passed on, same with social network! MaryFx

  • I would never sign another petition, it has nothing to do with the subject, I have only just stopped receiving junk mail from the last petition I signed going back 8 months!! I am not defeatist but there must be another way rather than the 'official' channels that shut anyone down as soon as they access them.

  • I very much look forward to hearing about your alternative plans, lovely sunny day etc. MaryF

  • I've never received any junk mail whatsoever from any Government E-Petition that I've signed. And even if I did, my conscience would not let such a relatively trivial thing stop me from signing such an important petition. At least if we've all signed, we can feel confident in the knowledge that if this petition doesn't result in anything spectacular, it won't be for the want of trying!

    If at first you don't succeed,

    Try, try, try again.


  • Agreed with bells on, I am trying hard in cyber space to explain just saying 'signed' needs perhaps the next stage also, ie passing it on, people are responding well. - 13 sigs off 4,000 currently, best wishes to you. MaryFx

  • Slowly but surely... only 5 more needed to hit 4,000 :)

  • ...just signed and was told - you cannot sign twice !! Must need my next B12 injection :-) Mx

  • Ha ha, please pass it on to everybody you know via every means possible instead! MaryFx

  • Lol! I did that with the last petition :D

    Well, at least you know you signed it.

    Carolyn xxx

  • I agree with you totally MaryF, patients in Scotland have only been asked for their opinion thanks to our petition. Yes there was only a requirement or one signature but the debate stood or fell on the quality of the argument. To get a foot in the door or highlight an issue is the starting point for all change. I regained my health thanks to Thyroid UK and the wonderful Dr Skinner. Nothing would have been easier than to waft off in to the sunset and enjoy my new found health but doing nothing to try to effect change and help others as they helped me would be terribly selfish.

    We all have a duty to take action. Footprints on the sands of time are not made by standing still :-)

  • Yes I know I witter on and on and on and ON AND ON AND on..... etc But that is why I keep asking people to do more than just sign... off here I have put it in some other places and given it to a couple of journalists... who knows... I knew what you did was an example... looking forward to meeting up at the conference! MaryF xxx

  • 36 to 4,000!!!! 36!!!!


    36 people.....!?!?

    Or 18 who get someone else to sign too..... or why not sign 'for' your significant other...!?

    Or 12 who get 2 other people to sign too......

    Or 6 who get 5 other people to sign too.........

    You get the idea....! :)

    We MAY not get anywhere with this petition - but there is something which is undeniable - apathy and negativity achieves nothing.

    Sign, share, tweet! :)

    Sunny days to all! :) :)



  • Red Apple aren't you the lucky one? I was getting 20 to 30 e-mails PER DAY with different names attached so there was no way of blocking them.

  • You shouldn't get any junk mail from the government petitions. However, I had the same issue as you when I signed a petition through a different organisation. I think it was "Changes" or something. I had to unsubscribe because I was getting news about petitions I hadn't even signed! I haven't had that problem with government petitions though.

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