I have just come back from Greece where I was able to buy T3 over the counter at a couple of pharmacies. The cost? Just over one Euro for one month's supply! So now I have a years supply for just over 13 Euros. If you are taking T3 it's worth asking around friends or relatives if they are visiting Greece to bring some back for you. I don't understand why it is so difficult to get here in the UK, it seems like a massive inequality to me.

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  • It's a travesty Fethiye I will definitely be asking friends/family who are going. I didn't think you could bring that much back. It's worth jumping on the boat n back :)

  • I don't think there is any restriction on what you can bring back, I wish I had bought more!

  • I bought back 40 boxes at the end of April, Pastille and the lady at the hotel reception desk who ordered it for me didn't turn a hair... happy days :D

  • I have previously ordered T3 online, the cost was about 40 Euros for 3 months supply. A big difference!

  • My point was really to point up the huge inequalities in the provision of T3 between the UK and Greece.

  • ...... or you could all take a leap of faith and retire to Greece as we did in 2004 .....

  • In my fantasy world, that's exactly what I would do, I am just not brave enough! I love Greece and the Greeks so much.......I do hope it is working out well for you.

  • Thank you Fethiye - yes it has been very good and we are now in our 13th year. We sold up in the UK and built two houses in an olive grove - one to live in and one for renting to create a Pension Pot. It has been hard work - but having a project in retirement is good - and in another country challenging !!

  • Marz, have you ever thought of a new career. Drug dealer, haha, selling T3 wholesale to all of us who have to put up with arrogant and ignorant Endos/GPs. No I don't suppose you have. Too busy enjoying retirement and good for you.

  • ... we have entertained so many people over the years in our Guest Villa and Studio - who all end up with the protocol - tests - interpretation of results - treatments. Would you believe it some people actually return for more :-)

  • I might be seeing you sooner rather than later if T3 taken off me!

  • Next holiday for me Please God.

    It would have to be an island, Zante maybe.

    I liked the Greek people in Southern Cyprus when I visited some years ago.

    J ☀️

  • I live in Crete Jose651 - that's an island too :-) With a Pharmacy on every corner !

  • Crete looks beautiful Marz, I am green with envy, 🐸 lol, that was my plan when my youngest son turned 18. That was 6 years ago now and other events occurred that scuppered them.

    But, I haven't given up on the idea.

    J x

  • Keep holding your dreams close :-)

  • Have to M, 👍

  • Bonkers!!

  • Write to your MP and tell him/her and request that the Minister be asked why the Government allows Mercury Pharma to set such a high price that some CCGs are stopping the prescribing of an essential medicine to a small group of people who beed it.If enough write this way the message may get through,then again....

  • I'm going to Greece in July can you let me know what is available and what you ask for?


  • You ask for T3 by UniPharma - or Taff dria - and point to your Theeeroyd :-) All Pharmacists speak excellent English - its just that even in Greece T3 is not requested as often as T4 and they think you want Tea Tree ( Oil ) :-) You can order as many packs as you like and they will be there the next day. Don't be shy - Greeks are as free as the wind ....

  • Just ask for T3 and say it is for thyroid. It's made by UniPharma.

  • What brand of T3 were you able to buy in Greece? I'm on NDT (Naturethroid) and was wondering if it's available in Greece as I will be there in July.

  • NDT is not available in Greece - apart from a product I posted about recently - called Dithyron. It contains both T4 and T3 and has to be ordered at the Pharmacy as it is not usually stocked. It is made by UniPharma.

  • Yes of course you are right - which is why I stated that NDT is NOT available in Greece - as far as I know :-)

  • I have a question in this context, out of curiosity: has anyone tried both NDT and synthetic T3 and T4 (either as separate drugs or a combo drug), and found it made a difference if you have Hashimoto's disease? I am doing fine on NDT, but have read so many times you should avoid it with Hashimoto's that I am beginning to wonder if a synthetic combo would be better in the long run...maybe NDT is triggering an inflammatory process in my body that I don't notice now, but that could affect me adversely in the future...? With thyroid disorders, things usually don't change overnight, but take years to notice.

    I am a bit surprised that all the Hertoghe doctors, generally considered more enlightened than most doctors, and who call themselves hormone experts, prescribe NDT for everyone, regardless of their initial diagnosis...Hashimoto's patients are put on NDT as well (Erfa nowadays, after Armour was reformulated).

    I am not sure there is anything in NDT not present in synthetic T3 and T4 drugs that you would absolutely need, such as calcitonin, T1, and T2...?

  • ndt made me very ill..

  • the calcitonin is not mentioned in the websites on ndt, nor is t1 and t2.those are byproducts after the t3 is metabolized..t3 turns into those. i don't believe it is actually contained in ndt.

  • You are right that T2 and T1 is almost entirely produced outwith the thyroid, they actually are mentioned on the RLC (Nature-Throid & WP Thyroid) site.

  • i should have said , that none of those are listed as ingredients in any ndt..

  • Am I being too pedantic in saying, no, they do not say that T2 and T1 are ingredients but they do say they are constituents:

    WP Thyroid and Nature-Throid both contain thyroid cofactors T1, T2, calcitonin and iodine naturally occurring in trace amounts.


    I still believe that the amounts are probably of little to no significance.

  • ok..i didn't see this on the Armour website or Erfa's either, years ago..

    i wish it didn't make me so ill.

  • I don't think it is on the Armour Thyroid or Erfa site (at least, with my very fallible memory, it wasn't) - which is why I didn't link to them. I also think that it didn't used to be on RLC's site.

  • The info you quoted, is new info added.. i am pretty sure of that. Interesting how many facts i retain about all the research i have done, in my quest to get well, yet can't remember what i had for Dinner yesterday! Scary! I can't read a recipe, a foot away from my face, yet can spot a zit developing on my sons chin, from 4 feet..much to his chagrin.

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