NHS T3 versus Greek T3

Due to the varying quality of NHS T3 and supply issues. I thought I would try Greek T3. I have a contact who lives there and has been sending me supplies. I have only just started on Monday so am 5 days on Greek T3.

What I would like to ask is, I was taking 60mcg of NHS T3, it was in 20 mcg tablets so easy to take 1 x 3 per day. The Greek T3 is in 25 mcg tablets, I have been taking 1 x 2 per day making 50 mcg. I am not sure if I am taking enough, not feeling right. Some T3's are stronger than others, andy assumed the Greek T3 might be stronger. The obvious answer is take some more I know. However would just like to know if anyone here is on Greek T3 and how you got on?

Thank you

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  • Mine is from Cyprus and I think it is weaker than the stuff from Mexico, but have never had NHS T3.

  • I first started out with Mexico T3, and then my G.P. started to prescribe for me. I ws never sure whether T3/Mexico was better than T3/NHS. All very confusing Angel of the North.

  • my T3 is from Belgium, its also 25mg,and does feel a lot weaker than NHS ones, which I had problems with faulty batches. I take Armour but just need little T3 in the afternoons. I am not sure what to do at the moment, but having read your post Margo, I think I will increase my T3 and see if it helps. It is so frustrating ,think you have at long last found the right combination, but no, here we go again!!

  • I think in general by comments here and elsewhere the T3 that isn't NHS is slightly weaker if that makes sense Beverleyb. I have upped 1/2 a tablet (121/2 mcg) and will stick with that for 2 weeks and up again if necessary. Such fun!

  • Margo, Shaws takes Greek T3 in preference to Liothyronine. I think her issues may be to do with the fillers rather than potency. If 62.5mcg feels too much try quartering the tablet and take 56.25mcg.

  • Yes thank you Clutter, will do.

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