NHS T3 versus Greek T3

Due to the varying quality of NHS T3 and supply issues. I thought I would try Greek T3. I have a contact who lives there and has been sending me supplies. I have only just started on Monday so am 5 days on Greek T3.

What I would like to ask is, I was taking 60mcg of NHS T3, it was in 20 mcg tablets so easy to take 1 x 3 per day. The Greek T3 is in 25 mcg tablets, I have been taking 1 x 2 per day making 50 mcg. I am not sure if I am taking enough, not feeling right. Some T3's are stronger than others, andy assumed the Greek T3 might be stronger. The obvious answer is take some more I know. However would just like to know if anyone here is on Greek T3 and how you got on?

Thank you

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Mine is from Cyprus and I think it is weaker than the stuff from Mexico, but have never had NHS T3.

I first started out with Mexico T3, and then my G.P. started to prescribe for me. I ws never sure whether T3/Mexico was better than T3/NHS. All very confusing Angel of the North.

my T3 is from Belgium, its also 25mg,and does feel a lot weaker than NHS ones, which I had problems with faulty batches. I take Armour but just need little T3 in the afternoons. I am not sure what to do at the moment, but having read your post Margo, I think I will increase my T3 and see if it helps. It is so frustrating ,think you have at long last found the right combination, but no, here we go again!!

I think in general by comments here and elsewhere the T3 that isn't NHS is slightly weaker if that makes sense Beverleyb. I have upped 1/2 a tablet (121/2 mcg) and will stick with that for 2 weeks and up again if necessary. Such fun!

Margo, Shaws takes Greek T3 in preference to Liothyronine. I think her issues may be to do with the fillers rather than potency. If 62.5mcg feels too much try quartering the tablet and take 56.25mcg.

Yes thank you Clutter, will do.

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