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Hi there. I have been really frustrated with my doctor. I have been starting to get really moody.very low. No energy to do anything. I told my doctor this who said I had abit of depression and insomnia. I am convinced it's my thyroid.I have an underactive thyroid and I take 75mcg LevoThyroxine. I struggle to lose weight even though I train quite abit and eat healthy. I have gone private to get all thyroid levels tested.I hope I have some good news backing my hunch.I am glad to have found this site.All new ideas to try from people who are going through the same problems I have.thanks for reading wayne

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Phoenix51: not sure this helps but I've also been suffering with heavy, heavy depression and low mood. Your next labs will hopfully reveal the underlying issue and help you adjust your dosing. Make sure you don't take your dose 24 hours before testing, and be sure to fast beforehand as well as I've heard often that will affect the accuracy of your lab results. Any idea how your ferritin and B12 levels are? Have you ever tried going gluten free for a period of time to see how you feel? Are you taking any supplements such as Selenium and Vit D3? Depression is a common theme amongs sufferers so don't feel alone in this! I'm also awaiting new lab results and hope to turn the corner as depression can be such a heavy weight to bear. Post your lab results when you get them for feedback from the senior members here with a wealth of knowledge on the topic. Best of luck!


Welcome to the forum, glad you have found us and plenty of good advice I'm sure will be given. Always ask your doctor for a printout of your labs and make sure you get the ranges as well. These differ from lab to lab so it helps people to advise as otherwise we could just be guessing.

So post these when you get them and we can hopefully explain them to you. Sadly may doctors thing that if you are in range then that is 'fine' or 'normal' but it's were in the range that is important.


Thankyou for your reply.I'm glad I have found this site.


Welcome 😀

You may have Hashimotos so good you've had your bloods done. Hopefully they include antibodies.

Post your results when you get them and we'll help all we can.

Have you had B12,Vit D, Folate and Ferritin tested too?


Hi Kate pots, hopefully the test will have everything I need to know so I can work round it.Never thought of has hashimoto. Thanks for the great advice. Going to get my bloods today.have a great day Wayne .


There's lots you can do if you have antibodies so please come back with results. We can definitely help. 😀

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