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Hi, I'm 49 and had a hemi thyroidectomy a few years back due to a suspicious nodule, which thankfully turned out to be benign. I have suffered for years with hypothyroid symptoms but my bloods according to the doctor are within the OK limits. I also very quickly became menopausal after my operation and am now pretty much through it. I have just had a thyroid blood test and get my results on Tuesday, I wasn't told and didn't realise that I should have had an annual blood test after my operation!! I'm almost hoping it is low so that I have an answer for why I feel so rubbish and hopefully they can start to treat it.

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  • Welcome to the forum, Janieb.

    Make sure you ask for a print out of your thyroid results and ranges (the figures in brackets after the results). Write a new post and include the results and ranges and members will advise.

  • Thanks I will do that. 😊

  • Had thyroidectomy in Oct 2016, I recall the doctor saying " let get this taken care of situation you can have a better quality of life", what a joke! The surgery was the easy part, I was totally unprepared for severe stabbing back pain, joint pains hands feet hurting, then the gastric distress, belching,passing gas, fatigue, frequent urination!!! Contacted Dr, increased levothyroxine from 50 to 100, about an hour after taking the 100 I could feel the symptoms subsiding!!! I searched online to see if others had these symptoms,. I was blown away by the fact that so many had suffered these issues too. I have searched and searched trying to find info on how to combat these problems, is it vitamin deficiencies, diet? Surprised to learn that levothyroxine can cause these symptoms too. It's maddening that some doctors don't prepare you for these side effects, I have also learned that if you don't know what to ask, the docs do the tell you anything!! We must educate ourselves!! I am very frustrated, tired of spending most of my day in bed too tired to do anything!

  • I can relate to all those symptoms it's about five years since my op and I haven't felt right since, I think even if my results are what they call within the normal range I am going to book an apt and see if they will put me on something to see if it helps. Glad to hear you improved after getting your meds altered. I ring for my results this afternoon, I will keep you posted and thanks for your reply.

  • Actually I have not improved, I mentioned that the symptoms subsided and at that point I realized that it was all thyroid related. I still trying to understand t3 t4 also are there any vitamin deficiencies due to the meds that cause these symptoms? What will counteract the effects of this horrible levothyroxine, I was on steroids before and I didn't think anything could be worse than Prednisone!! Be well and keep me posted

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