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hello again , ok Had a go at the doctor about not hearing me and what I was saying to him ,

He still saying that I'm not right about the B12 but he has put me in for more tests but can not work out what this is for , Can you help ??

Serum sodium level (XE2q0) 139 mmol/L [133.0-146.0]

Serum potassium level [XE2pz] 4.5mmol/L[3.5-5.3]

Serum creatinine level [XE2q5] 72umol/L [50.0-98.0]

eGFR using creatinine [CKD-EPI per 1.73 sq 88ml/min/1.73m^2

Serum cortisol level [XE2xW] 248 nmol/L

I can not work this out but the doctor said he is ref back to the hospital again to see what they say this time . I have sent them my bloods as doctor didn't


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Sodium and potassium are electrolytes. They're both within range.

creatinine is a measure kidney function. 72 is within range.

eGFR is the best measure of kidney function but I don't understand the way your result is expressed. eGFR >90 indicates good function. 60-90 indicates some kidney disease or disfunction and 30-60 indicates disease.


There is no range to indicate whether cortisol is high, low or middling.


He said that my serum sodium levels are broad line ?? What I don't understand is that he not happy with that but he said my B12 ok ??? This is doing my head right in , he has said for me to went to what the hospital say now



Did he say borderline? Can't see why he's worried because they're mid range.

What is your B12 result and range?


B12 127. (140.00-724.00)



That is deficient. Your GP should be checking whether you have pernicious anaemia and initiating B12 injections to restore B2 levels. Go to healthunlocked.com/pasoc and they'll be able to advise which guidelines to show your GP.

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The doctor said that he hope the hospital will take me now but if not I'm ready go private , I have ask about B12 injections he said I do not need them ??? time will tell



Your GP is wrong about the injections. Pernicious anaemia forum are the experts on B12deficiency. I linked to them above.


I know , so going to private doctors now to see what they say ( Monday ) I just hope they help .


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