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Fed up feeling ill


I've been diagnosed for 5 yrs with an underactive thyroid and have been on different doses of levothyroxine I'm currently on 162 ml and feel just as awful as the day I was diagnosed the doctor keeps just putting the dosage up and it just makes me feel worse I feel like I'm dying I've started looking into t3 and am thinking of having some private blood tests done to see if the t3 is the problem but I'm not sure where to start!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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My personal experience - and it's hard to say if it would apply to you- but nonetheless - was similar. I felt like I was dying on T4. Actually, I joked I'd have killed myself had I had the energy to figure out how. I had no energy, and just felt so bad. My doctors prescribed antidepressants! It was so frustrating because I wouldn't take them, I wasn't depressed. Finally I met my current amazing doctor who put me on t3 and changed my life. Conventional doctors say my dose will kill me, but I feel GREAT. So..I don't think they were any better by insisting I stay on t4 (which made my TSH 'normal' but made me feel terrible).

My not-a-doctor recommendation is get some t3, and start on 5mg for a few weeks and if you feel better there's your answer. Increase to 10 (5x2 a day). If jittery decrease. If not stay there. You should decrease levo if on t3. Others may be better suited to tell you how much, I would decrease to 100 or LESS - and even less as you increase t3. I'm not a doctor so I'm not qualified to be writing this -this is just my experience. I'm now on ZERO mcg t4 and 100 mcg t3. I don't convert t4 so being on t4 only was useless for me. That's just my non professional advice!

Thank you so much for your advice it's so hard cause GP is so out of touch just keeps saying your levels are normal so if I get a private blood test for t3 can I go to my GP with results or do I go to a private doctor it's so confusing 🙈

greygoose in reply to 2607trix

You need to get an FT3 and an FT4 test, done at the same time, to see how well you are converting. Then post them here - with the ranges - because your doctor won't understand them!

Details of private testing on the Thyroid UK main page. :)

2607trix in reply to greygoose

Ok thank you so much I will 👍🏼

Blood test results please! (With the ranges) the more you have, the better we can help!

2607trix in reply to EleanorM-G

I have ordered the thyroid check plus on medi check so once I've done them and get results I will post on here thank you I feel more positive just to know your all waiting to help ❤️

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