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I know some of you have been following my decision to go back to T3, so my latest results are in.

TSH 0.11 (from the desperate 3.7 last time)

FT4 18.2 (up 1.2,range 9 - 25)

FT3 8.5 (from a sorry 3.7 -a bit high but understandable, as test was only an hour after taking meds. I hadn't known I'd get TFTs done, as it was a diabetes test initially)

I read this as a distinct improvement. TSH tells me my pituitary is much happier with thyrox.levels, and the free stuff especially T3 is an indication of my perceived greater levels of energy.

I do feel vindicated in going back to T3. Note to self - make sure you've not just taken your thyroid meds next test!

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Well done. It's good that you are feeling better and good to have the evidence in print. As I often say, the blood tests DO tell the story, it's just that most doctors don't have a clue how to interpret them. I recently had a retest and knew I needed to raise my thyroid meds as, of all things, my horridly itchy ears had returned. I didn't want to raise til after getting the results. My TSH had risen from 0.2 to 2.5.


Rosetrees, do you get that too? it's horrible! I have been sorely tempted to stick a cotton bud in as far as possible, but thankfully resisted.


Oh dear, I don't always manage to resist! It drives me mad!!


"Resistance is useless". I'm afraid I've been using cotton buds for years. I always do it as gently as possible, not just jam it in and pierce my ear drum!


Glad your feeling a bit better Mumcat2. Sorry, I hijacked your post when I saw that I wasn't the only one to have it.chy ears


I find a hairgrip more satisfying re. what we call "Itchy tab syndrome"! Only with the lightest of touches,of course!

Happy to be hijacked Evey. I'm still crossing everything for you for Friday.


Well, I hurt my eardrum years ago with a cotton bud and have never used one since. The pain was terrible. So I'll have to stick with my pinky finger I'm afraid!



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