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Could someone have a quick look at my son's blood test results please?

My 11 year old son has been out of sorts for a while now - tired, lethargic, low mood, 2 recent fainting episodes...so GP did some blood tests. When the results came back one was initially flagged as abnormal - his TSH was 4.63 (range 0.27 - 4.2) and T4 13.3 (12-22.) Finally got called back today and GP says actually they're fine, its normal for children's TSH to be out of range on occasion. Is this true? Given his out of sorts-ness I find it hard to accept all is well. Any advice wouldbe great.

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If you are unhappy insist on a referral to a paediatrician.

In adults it is known if a TSH is wildly out of range then the test should be repeated in 3 months to confirm it isn't a one off. I don't know what the criteria e.g. out how of range it needs to be for children but as they are growing the criteria is likely to be stricter.

Also if the doctor insists it isn't his thyroid ask for a full blood count, ferritin, vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D* to be tested if they haven't been done. If a test has been missed out ask for that specific test.

*Only ask for the vitamin D if your son doesn't have a sun tan.

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I have been having the same problem with my 13 year old son. It strikes me that if TSH can vary for children then why is the TSH range not different? We have seen a paediatrician who claimed to be working to guidelines for children but refused to share them with me. In the end his TSH was 18 and he has been given thyroxine. Is there a family history of autoimmune thyroid problems? If so they should be testing for antibodies which will let you know if there is an autoimmune issue and will give you more reason to get a referral.


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