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Please could someone comment on my blood results

Hi I'm useless at working out blood results I have graves on 5 mg of carbs tsh 3.1 range 0.3 -3.9

T4 13 range 12.3 -20.2

T3 3.8 range 3.7 to 11.1

Hospital says they are normal

But I still have muscle pain hot hands and feet palms and frequent urinatin

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Oh my, Rush, if those were my test results I would be bedridden. I don't know about being hyper and whether you can compare results with people who are being treated for hypo. You are at the lowest level of both T4 and T3 and (too high with TSH) with those symptoms, it appears you should be cutting back on the carbimazole. I hope someone who has this condition will comment.


I had Graves and would have felt very ill with these results. I think you need to reduce your Carb, which is a good sign, I think, as I was never on such a small dose and mostly up and down all the time. Is there a smaller dose than 5mcg? Maybe you could try every other day but do speak to your GP and tell them how you feel. Graves is not something you can mess with on your own. I would imagine your symtoms are more hypo than hyper, especially frequent urination, which I still get if my dose is wrong (now taking T4/3 as have had TT).

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You need to cut down on the carbimazole, I had a reoccurrence took that horrible drug for 6 months starting at 20mg down to 2.5 a day, there isn't a 2.5 pill you have to cut 5mg in half. As much as it is difficult to manage yourself I would suggest it's good to listen to your body. I felt awful taking just 2.5 with all bloods showing more hyper than hypo. I decided to stop taking it and, so far, touch wood, I am ok.

I really believe we should listen to our bodies nd negotiate with doctors, I am probably quite experienced at this as I am insulin dependant, take control, give it a try. JX


Thanks for your replies your right I really don't feel to good but hospital doctor said to me on phone today to stay at 5 mg for another month and then to cut back till every other day after that she said my heart was racing so she was worried if I cut back to quick I would go hyper again I started this journey on 60 mg but went hypo quickly I'm really crap at understanding all the t-s

Does there have to be a balance between tsh and t3 and t4

And do my results point more to hypo and do people with hypo have hot sweats and racing hearts


Most doctors tend to associate racing hearts with hyperthyroidism, however a lot of people on this forum who are hypothyroid have also had this symptom occasionally. One cause is low ferritin. People with thyroid problems often have very low ferritin, which makes you breathless and gives you a racing heart, particularly when you do anything physical. Does this ring a bell? If not, ignore me, but if so you could take something like ferrous fumarate 210g, with vitamin C (helps absorption and mitigates constipation) and see whether that helps. Hypo people frequently get hot sweats, particularly at night.


Thanks for your reply the overheating is mainly at night I don't sweat it's just like I'm a red hot radiator

And I must admit racing heart does seem to be when I first get to bed after going up stairs but I'm not breathless

I have had loads of blood test done do you know if ferrtin goes under a different name on blood form

I have had full blood count so I would expect it to show there


I'm not sure I submitted that correctly


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