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Advice and help needed please

Hi everyone,

I'm new here. I've been diagnosed underactive thyroid for approx 12 years. Always on 125mcg until 3 months ago when it was lowered to 100mcg after a postnatal blood test. It was my 2nd baby and as I said I've never had any adjustment in the 12 years until this.

I've been feeling super tired, falling asleep inappropriately like before I was diagnosed. Feeling depressed and having mental brain fog. Sometimes I just feel I can't function. I really don't feel myself. I keep breaking down to my partner saying I'm broken but he doesn't understand, I don't even understand. Anyway, sorry for the long post. I just wanted some advice as to what to ask the doctor for... I've read on another post for a print out of my results. What should I be looking for? Also I've read about B12 and Vit D, are these good for all hypothyroid patients and in what dose?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes you need to ask for copies of your test results with ranges so that people are able to help you. A 50mcg drop in your dose is too big and could be the cause of how you are feeling. Sadly Docs go by the TSH which may look low in the range - however you need the results for the T4 and the most important one T3. The T3 is the Active thyroid hormone and needed in every cell of your body - and the T4 tablet you are taking needs to convert from being a storage hormone into the ACTIVE T3. So without testing them both there is no evidence to suggest you need your dose reducing.

You are legally entitled to have copies of your results with ranges - see below.


It is so important that you have B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD tested and results need to be optimal so do not allow your Doc to say everything is normal when results are bumping along the bottom of the range.

Are you able to have tests done privately - ? There are companies that send out Home Testing Kits and these are well used by members here - see below.



Scroll down in the link above for the signs and symptoms of B12 Deficiency - neurological ones are first. B12 is so very important for our long-term well-being so have a good look around the website and learn as much as you can. Happy to help ....

Hope you soon feel stronger.

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Thank you for getting back to me. Very helpful ☺️

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Yes, far too much of a drop in meds - should have only done 25 and then restested and that's if your results were in fact over medicated.

Yes, get all your nutritional tests done along with full blood count - B12 is especially important if you have gas and air during birth as this depletes and makes B12 in your body inactive. Might not even show up in tests though so worth supplementing anyway as it's one of the ones hard to overload on.

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Oh wow that's interesting with the gas and air, yes I did have that during both labours only 16 months apart so could have caused a problem!

Also I went from 125mcg to 100mcg but you have both said it's a drop of 50? Is it measured another way? Sorry to sound silly!


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