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Advice needed please

Hi I am very worried about my sister and don't know what to do. 12 years ago she was diagnosed hypothyroid and I was diagnosed with it myself 15 years ago now. I just have received a worrying phone call from her she was crying, she told me her GP have refused her her thyroxine and her eplieptic medication as she is due for a review. My sister told the receptionist she has an appointment for a review in 2 weeks time and has had a blood test. The receptionist told her she will not get another prescription before her appointment.

At my GP's if I have a review and my prescription is due before the appointment, I can still get my prescription so is it a new thing that some GP's don't prescribe before a review?

Both myself and my mother have both spoken to the receptionist and have gotten nowhere. I am very worried about her as she is not getting either prescriptions and she has 3 small children. I am sorry if I am rambling on, I just don't know what to do next.

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No, you are quite right to be worried. The surgery cannot stop giving prescriptions just because they want to 'review'. Are they complete idiots - the answer must be 'Yes'.

Maybe someone will come forth with some useful information. This might be useful to sign which was posted earlier today.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes they are idiots. I moved from their practice a few years ago to one closer to my house and realized straight away the old GP's were idiots and have since received better treatment. Yes I will sign that asap!


Idiots indeed!

They should be telling her at least a month ahead that her annual review is due -

I once had a GP who suddenly removed his permission for my prescription without discussing it with me -my thyroid hormone meds. I complained -I didn't need to go as far as in writing but I think in your sisters shoes I would and ask for it to be put on her medical record. having something in writing saying the meds have been refused and therefore she hasn't any to take putting her health at risk is not something I would have thought a practice would want on their record and may nudge them to give her her prescription until she is reviewed. The other thing is can your sister get an emergency appointment and take someone with her -generally speaking doctors are more attentive when two people go -am not sure why -perhaps it is because there is someone there witnessing separately what is being said.

The only other option I can see is to either call the out of hours doctors service -am sure they would prescribe especially if she is feeling ill.... or go to A&E -I believe the practice gets charged for visits to an A & E (? am I right anyone) so maybe they won't be so keen to block her another time!


On re-reading your question. Tell the Receptionist (who has no authority) you want the doctor to return your call as you want to discuss with him his decision re your sister not getting a presciption. Maybe record the phone call.


Is there a practice manager you can speak to ? Or the doctor? This receptionist is talking utter rubbish, what if your sister had a serious prolonged epileptic fit in the 2weeks without her medication? Let alone no thyroid medicine.

If you still don't get anywhere ring your local PALs. Your sister needs to register elsewhere and make a written complaint .


Chantellesuessister, ask your sister to speak to the emergency doctor over the phone tomorrow. She can't possibly be left without epileptic and thyroid meds for 2 weeks because of the surgery's bureacracy. They have 2 options, bring forward the meds review appt or issue a 2 week script. If she is out of meds now, her pharmacist will probably 'lend' her meds for a couple of days until the prescription is issued.


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