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Positive for antibodies TSH normal


I had blood tests as feeling lethargic, brain fog struggling to lose weight despite strict diet. Family history of thyroid issues.

Thyroid antibodies came back positive, TSH normal. The GP wouldn't say what the TSH was, asides from it being normal. Is it worth pursuing private testing for T3 and T4 if medication will only be prescribed when TSH is out of range?

My vitamin D was low at 39 (but has been lower) and I'm "slightly anaemic" but no number for that either.

Many thanks

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What does your doctor consider normal? Get a print out of your test results -it is your legal right to have these. I am a bit surprised that he/she has not told you that you have Hashimoto thyroditis if you have high antibodies. Treatment programme?



The way she explained it to me was that the positive antibodies meant I was likely to develop thyroid problems at some point, but for now it was just a case of monitoring the TSH which was normal. I will try and get the results, but they have been a bit difficult about it previously. Which is why I was considering some private tests, but the GP seemed resolute that it is all about the TSH result.


Pop back to the surgery and ask for a print out of your results. If you are in the UK then you are legally entitled to them under the Data Protection Act. Let's see how 'normal' your TSH is.

You also need to know exactly what 'slightly anaemic' is and what he intends to do about it.

If Vit D is 39nmol/L then it needs supplementing to the recommended level of 100-150nmol/L.

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I will try and get the results but they are a bit weird about it, based on previous experience. She has prescribed Vitamin D and told me to buy iron as it would be cheaper than prescription. It was actually cheaper to buy the Vit D too. I've got to have another blood test in October, I think it's primarily to check on the Vit D again. I am happy to pay for private thyroid tests but not sure where I stand if they come back with anything, if my GP won't prescribe unless the TSH is out of range.


If they're weird about it, just say you're sure they wouldn't want to break the law by refusing to give you the results.


Hi fried stuff with cheese, you are entitled to have bloodtest results by law quote the data protection act 1998 at them, they can ask you to write a letter asking for results, my doctors did I took letter in and got results the next day, after that they have given me results over the phone so sometimes you just have to fight your corner, makes you wonder what they've got to hide.

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I'll go in tomorrow and see what they say. She was quite happy to share the Vit D information so not quite sure why the other results are shrouded in mystery. I do really like my GP which is why it makes it all a bit awkward but I need to push past that I suppose.


You can bring a pen and paper to your next appointment and ask her if she'll show you the results on her computer.

That's a good way to do it without causing friction.

Also, the receptionists at my GP surgery have read my thyroid results out over the phone, perhaps try that as well.


As you have high antibodies, changing to a gluten free diet may reduce symptoms while you fight your corner with GP



Very important to keep good eye on Vitamin D


Important to have ferritin above 70 for thyroid hormones to be able to work well


Thanks for the links. More than anything, I do just want to feel better so I'll have a proper look into going gluten free.


Even if you manage to persuade GP in future to prescribe thyroxine, most/many of us with Hashimoto's still have to be strictly gluten free to feel better.

So gluten free is not "instead of" it is, for many, essential regardless


Don't be afraid to ask for a print out of your results. They are legally obliged to give you them. I always get every single one of mine and file them. If you have any problems ask to speak to the practice manager and they will sort it out for you. It's imperative you get your results with reference ranges.


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