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Officially fed up!!!

Back in early May gp upped my dose to 175mcg levo said book an appointment for six weeks time with bloods a week before. I went to reception to book only to be told they hadn't got July appointments on the system yet. They will have tho at the beginning of June.

So I popped in at the beginning of June and was told not on yet leave it for two weeks

So I popped in today and was told nothing available at all for July but I could phone for an urgent appointment in the morning. I then stood there for half an hour trying to explain that I need an appointment date two weeks plus ahead so I can have blood tests a week before!!!

I have a bump on my forehead from banging it on s brick wall !!!

Shall I just crawl into a corner and expire quietly I asked? Oh no she said we can sort it out.

Shall I just pay for my own bloods and self medicate I said? Oh no she said we can sort it out.

So am going to have a phone call tomorrow from the gp on the daily doctors list I have no idea why as haven't had blood tests done!!

I am officially fed up!!!!

Why offer a treatment when the after care is not available on any level!!!

Apologises for rant !!!!

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I know just how you feel!

Hope you get sorted soon! Don't hold your breath... X

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Honestly, if this was an illness predominantly suffered by men instead of women, I highly doubt situations like this would happen. I'm so sorry for your experiences. It feels like the medical system goes out of their way to make it harder for women to get treatment (unless it's anti-depressants, cuz surely it's all in our ditzy, hysterical little minds!), and it's so emotionally exhausting/infuriating to be marginalized like that all the time!


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I read that GPs want to close the doors if they have two many patients.I recall as a child going to the surgery without appointment ( who had a telephone in the house in those days) and sitting amongst a crowd and trying to remember who came before you and who after.


There is a six week wait for an appointment for the GP in the local surgery. They do have "emergency" appointments where you have to ring in after 8.30 in the morning. The phone is constantly engaged and when you do get through after phoning 20 times, they say all the appointments have gone and try again tomorrow. If you say it is urgent, they repeat the message to phone again tomorrow....

No wonder people end up at A&E!


The system is truly crazy.

I had a clinical pharmacist ring me this morning offering his help. When I explained it all he got very snotty. You don't need an appointment he snapped just do the blood tests. What good is that I asked. He didn't answer, just said again through a mouth load of plums do the blood tests!!!

I'm seriously starting to wonder if they should be offering RAI treatment at all. Is it legal to offer a treatment when you cannot offer the correct aftercare !!!

It truly is a right royal load of pants!!!!!!


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