So fed up

Hi all i am so down not really like me but at mo feel like life is so pointless all i do all day is sit in my flat watch tele,knit have taken that up again now got to do something to get rid of the boredom. I was diagnosed last year with hashi,s not sure if its medication thats making me feel like this i was told by endo nurse to do 50 and 75 alternate days went to see endo 5th june she said to carry on i feel so ill .i feel sick all the time i can hardly eat i have a tremor i cant sleep so yesterday i decided that i felt ok on 75 a day so starting yesterday thats what im taking every day. so im going to see how i go and see what happens when i have blood test done on 15th july was going to have bloods done before that im going to try this first fed up with listening to docters who have no idea how i feel. sorry if i,ve gone on a bit xx

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  • Its so disheartening when we feel down. I am still very new to this site but they have been so supportive and friendly its given me the confidence to confront my GP. Be strong,be positive and be a nuisance to the endo nurse,relly explain your symptoms and feelings. Keep bloggind too, it really makes a change to have responses from like minded people,you are not alone. do you go out walking at all? take care Rai x

  • So sorry that you feel down - we all can relate to that. Persevere, and remember it will take a while to get to the right are on a fairly low dose, and maybe raising it is what needs to be done, but just take care

    Good luck

    Jenni x

  • I'm also feeling down so I sympathise with you a lot. I suppose all I can say is keep doing what you're supposed to do and it'll get better. My Dad is a much happier, energetic person than when he was when he was originally diagnosed so I suppose he was much like I am now. I look to how he is as how I will be once everything gets under control

  • You are not alone feeling this way. We hope to be better don't we all. I think you need to find yourself something that you really enjoy and do activities that requires a bit of physical movments. That should help you enjoy your time. Don't just sit and be depressed. Make friends. Take care.

  • I feel your pain as I am exactly the same at the moment. Have been hypo since thyroidectomy in December and have had a dreadful time with getting meds on track. I suffer from severe symptoms which leave me housebound except for medical appointments which are a real effort to get to. My ipad is my contact with the world and I have started a little knitting too but only manage a few rows a day!!! Life must get better for us. It seems it can take quite a while to get things right again. I was very active before I found myself in this situation. Don't feel alone and keep talking about things- that does help a little xxx

    Lynda from Oz. xxx

  • I understand and feel the same, I know that's not an answer for you, but ur not alone. X since being ill friends have disappeared, family don't call in, and I have my immediate family that are my rocks,xx I miss seeing people and I can't get out.

    I don't know the answer, I'm trying to keep occupied with crafts, and hobbies, not to bang head on wall.

    If you want to send me a pm, it would be nice to hear from you or anyone. Thank goodness for this site and email. X

  • Sorry you are feeling so bad. It is awful till you get onto optimum medication but sometimes that's difficult if doc only prescribes due to your TSH and not listen to your clinical symptoms.

    On the morning of your blood test, if you take your meds in the morning, do not take them before your blood test, take it afterwards. If you take you meds at night, miss this dose and take after blood test.

  • It has taken me until the age of 65 to realise that you cannot rely on NHS doctors to resolve these issues.

    I have learned the hard way that you have to take control of your own health and that there is a lot of real help out there.

    Start by doing some research; for example read Dr Peatfield's book ' Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy'. You will appreciate that the one dimensional answer of Thyroxine by GP's is overly simplistic and that a more informed approach may produce better results for you.

    With the right treatment you may be amazed at the difference so don't accept second best!

    Good luck!!

  • Yes dont get much help as the G.PS dont understand it, i have to tell them !! well i am determined to sort it my self now as its a pain to me weight and now a goitre etc etc thanks for your help ...with regards

  • Hi all thankyou for postive feedback i have no friends now, i lost a very very close friend in 2009 the second very good friend to cancer dont think i,ve ever really got over losing them both and my dad.I was very outgoing and worked all the time even doing two jobs to keep myself and my daughter, going out dancing and then in 2010 bang my health got worse i already had fibromialgia i have had to fight everybody to get my diagnois and the benefits that i needed to survive am not finished yet i will carry on fighting until i am a lot better than i am now and will not be fobbed off by anyone. I am so glad for this site and the lovely people on it where would we be without each other thankyou again xxxx

  • Ironically, after having a very long sob on my bed and feeling exactly the same - that life's pointless - I just had a look on here and saw your comments "Lifeback" like somebody else said, I'm so sorry you feel the way you do but its such a comfort not to feel alone. You are obviously a lot younger than me and good for you to carry on fighting but today I personally cannot fight, I have had Hashis for a very long time and on my last visit to my GP after my latest blood test, according to her I'm fine now! But I'm not! I give up today and hopefully carry on that fight tomorrow! Good luck to everyone on here with your own fight x

  • Hi sidneymark are you seeing an endo as well as gp? im seeing one but still dont feel any better going to give them what for when i go again i am so angry all the time what do these people get paid for thought they were there to make us well thats what they trained for.I am 50,51 in December. i know this is a long hard slog been in my 3rd year now i like you have shed a few tears and wondered can i carry on but i have to. I wish you all the best and dont forget come on here and talk it does help xx

  • I have unmedicated hashis/hypo and what helps me alot is a daily long walk/sit along seaside(i lucky to live near);i just want say that it worth making the effort to get some exercise as it really does help and can stop a downward spiral of feeling worse because of lack of exercise...i couldnt live without it.goodluck to u.x

  • hi lifeback

    l know how you feel, can't give you much advice, just know I am thinking of you, hope you are feeling a lot better soon.

    cazy xx

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