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Are these normal? Hardly cushings?


Hi all, 18 year old female recently been through tons of stress and I mean tons! Yo yo dieting to be honest. Got m cortisol levels checked after a really REALLY stressful time - college exams, granny passed away, dog died, music exams . I am also on the birth control pill. My morning cortisol was 920. So do these stretch marks look normal? I think they're just from gaining weight. They're only on my thighs/buttocks but a lot ALOT lighter in colour and some in my calves but again their a lot lighter. Opinions please

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Stretch marks fade with time. I would guess that stretch marks vary according to how old they are and whether or not they developed very quickly. If weight gain occurred quite slowly I would expect the stretch marks to be lighter in colour.

On the basis of not very much at all I would say that your cortisol level looks high. Have you ever done a saliva test for cortisol?

Hello Melissa 369148,

Very sorry to hear you going thru this hard time. Im familiar w/such events. BIG HUG!! I am wondering are you sure these are stretch marks & not varicose veins? I have them ( varices)... Um, actually both - since I was your age - I am presentky 49. Either way I feel they look "normal" but be sure to eat well. Leafy green vegetables & foods vith vitamin C. Many functions in the body need it & some functional medicine doctors say low vitamin C causes varicose veins . Now, use common sense. Dont eat ( or supplement ) massive amounts . If I find the article I have in my mind I will write again. Give yourself a pat on the back for having the sense to seek advice/answers for your body!! Good job!👍😊🎉

I found some! Dr.Sara Gottfried saved me when I went into early menopause. Granted, this is not your case but she is an EXPERT on cortisol & all hormones. Check these out;

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