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Are these symptoms normal?


I am newbie. I live in France; not speaking native French. I have hashimoto disease identified end of June 2017 with following figures;

Anti thyroglobulie 326 UI/mL (<115)

Anti thyperoydase 12UI/mL (<34)

T3 free 0.29ng/dl (0.23-0.42)

T4 free: 0.99ng/dl (0.90-1.76)

TSH: 7.98mUI/ml (0.55-4.78)

Hemoglobine 13.6 g/dl (12.5-15.5)

I started medical treatment with levothroxine 75mg T4 end of July 2017.

After 3 weeks of treatment I have following figures:

TSH: 1.13 mUI/ml (0.55-4.78)

Hemoglobine 12.9 g/dl (12.5-15.5)

My symptoms has been improved a lot especially fatigue, dizziness, bad digestion. However, I still have a lot of symptoms; hand swollen, bad digestion, bloating, chest pain and since last week stomach pain. The pain is not strong or disturbing, but its just worrying me a lot!

I am also worried that my hemoglobine has decreased even though I have started the medication and I paid a lot of attention to my nutrition.

This disease made me extremely anxious about my help; this is not real me at all.

I was wondering if this type of pain /symptoms are normal. My endocrinologist says hypothyroidism may cause re-flux, but having TSH lowered to this level, the symptoms I have should be due to other reasons: pathological, food intolerance etc.

I will go and see my GP this week after having new TSH T3/T4 measurement.

Could some one tell me if swallowing of hands, chest/stomach pain are normal symptoms of hashimoto /hypothyroid? I will appreciate suggestions and advises.

Thank you good people!

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Hypothyroid can cause just about any kind of symptom :( There's a long list of typical ones here

Your endocrinologist is wrong to say your symtoms must be due to other reasons. You have only been on the medication a short time. It takes a long time for all the problems to get resolved. Certainly longer than five weeks I'm very sorry to say.

Also, just meauring your TSH is not good enough. You need to have your FT4 and FT3 measured at the same time. TSH might be at a low level, but that doesn't mean your FT3 will be high enough. Low FT3 is a typical cause of unresolved hypo symptoms.

Hang on in there for a little longer and hopefully things will gradually improve as time passes.

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Thank you thank you. I've been feeling down since she told me this. You've made my day. I will make full test this week. I will keep posting my results.


Keep coming here as long as you need to because so many of us know what you're going through. Doctors only know some basic theory and have no real understanding of this condition at all. People here know far more than most doctors.

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As per your other post you need to get your vitamin levels checked (ferrtin, b12, folate, vit D). Your reducing haemoglobin could be a sign of anaemia developing.

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You are in France and getting help keep at it. I live in France and have been refused blood tests many times. I have no thyroid and self medicate on NDT.

You may experience aches and pains until you are fully medicated.

Do you go to your GP or Endo?

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I've lived in France for 15 years and have always found the GPs very open to bloodtesting and other referrals. If you are having problems just change your GP. That may be the difficult part as,like the UK, doctors are in short supply and high demand. To get your blood tested usually the doctor gives you an ordanance and you can visit a "Laboratiore d'analysis" straight away,no appointment needed, and receive the results later that day or the next! You dont say which part of France you live in , I may be able to reccomend a specialist if you are in my area!


Hi this was ages ago but thank you I am now living back in the UK. I used to fly home to visit friends in the UK and get my bloods tested then, privately.

Although I had all of the documents that were required in France I never obtained a Carte Vitale. They wanted me to have a recent letter from the Judge who was present at my adoption. I am 72 years old, so no the judge died many years ago.That's France great!


Without the Carte Vitale you stood no chance! I have had four opperations in the last three years and could never countenance returning to the UK for anything other than my regular , every two years, visit to Specsavers. When the british public come round to the idea of paying top-up,then, they can enjoy a health service like ours in France! Hope you have managed to sort out your thyroid problems!



Thanks Bunnyjean.

Actually asked my Endo for Vitamin D/B12, ferrtin and folate tests; then she said its not reimbursed. I am not sure what it means exactly. I will go to lab this week and find out.

But, the rest of the analysis were for free. may be because I have mutuelle carte? I am new to French social security. But, I can say its much much better than Italy.


I go to both Endo and GP. They keep passing the ball to each other.


Things move very slowly in the Thyroid world and you can't speed it up so great patience is needed I'm afraid. I think we all remember those early weeks and wondering when it was going to work, sometimes feeling worse and in a panic because we don't really understand it all but you aren't alone. We understand how you are feeling so shout out if anything you don't understand. Always get a. Opt of your results or ask if you can copy them down then post with the ranges and you should get loads of advice.

If you look of the Thyroid Uk site you will find lots of info to help

I hope you have been told to go back after 6 weeks for more bloods to help you get on the correct dose for you and welcome to the forum!

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