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Advice on how to approach G. P today re T3

Feeling really low

Hairloss increase continues even after increase in Levo on 3.5.17 to 100mg

B12 3 weeks ago 50mgs

Ferrous sulfate 3 weeks ago 200mg

Vitamins D, C, Zinc Evening Primrose and B Complex for several months

Physically feel quite well still suffering from a little foggy headed but no aches and pains I keep myself fit in the Gym and walking the dog and have been lucky only gained a few pounds I can't shift no matter what I do.

I am due to have bloods again on 22.7.17 to look at testosterone progesterone and Hashi as well as the normal but I have made an appointment for Today due to feeling totally depressed with constant hairloss. Is there anything I should be asking them to look in to please. I was wondering if T3 would help solve these issues but having read other posts believe even if that is the case I may have a battle to get it prescribed.

Thanks in advance Netty

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Based on the info in your post, it's not possible to tell whether T3 would help you. You need to look at your free Ts; it's possible that your FT4 levels are suboptimal and that raising your current medication would help, provided you can convert enough T4 to T3. Do you have labs with reference ranges that you could post here?


The last TSH on 2.5.17 was 7.9 so levo increased from 50 - 100mgs can't remember ranges. Before starting on Levo I never had any hairloss could levo be the cause?


Quite common to get hair loss. Your dose only increased recently. It takes weeks for our bodies to adjust.

Your B12, folate and ferritin tests were all low in previous post. How much are you supplementing to improve these.

Low ferritin in linked to hair loss.

Also if your taking B12, then it's recommended to also take vitamin B complex. This will improve folate too. This will also contain biotin, which can help hair and nails. Look for a good one that contains folate rather than folic acid. Eg Jarrow B-right

When taking any supplement with biotin in you must remember not to take it 4-5 days before any future thyroid tests as it can falsely affect test results



The Guidelines have changed recently in that T3 has not to be prescribed at all. Never mind that patients might feel much better with a combination of T3/T4 and research has shown that many feel better with combination. You should still ask anyway.

100 is an average dose so you should get a new blood test if your last one was more than six weeks ago. Hair loss is common with hypothyroidism and most doctors only request a TSH and T4 blood test. or lab wont do others even if requested.

This isn't sufficient if we have clinical symptoms and you need a wider blood test to include Free t4 and Free T3 but these are rarely tested as the 'powers that be' think there's no point in them, whereas the give a bigger picture, i.e. is levo converting to sufficient T3. T4 (levo)) is inactive - it has to convert to T3 - the only active thyroid hormone needed in all of our receptor cells. They should be towards the top of the range.

If you've not had B12, Vit D, iron ferritin and folate recently ask for these as well as we can be deficient.

Always get a print-out of your results for your own records. We are entitled by Law. Some surgeries charge a nominal sum for paper/ink but you should keep a record of your results.

The aim is a TSH is 1 or lower. Also - before the blood tests were introduced we were diagnosed upon clinical symptoms and prescribed NDT (natural dessicated thyroid hormones) until we were relieved of them. Doses then were between 200 and 400mcg and one doctor said that patients were put in a parlous situation due to too low a dose.



Morning Shawn

I was put on B12-50mgs and Ferrous Sulphate 200mg both 2 weeks ago I take supplements of iron zinc selenium vit c and D evening Primrose and B Complex. My concern is that as my levo increases I lose more hair before starting on levo no hair loss at all.


Are you taking iron at least 4 hours away from levo?


Yes I take the levo at night when I go to bed and the supplements in the morning


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