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Been at m docs yet againe... still no medication....when i give her my symtoms she say DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE HAD A STROKE! ..... i just want to scream....iwas telling her about pins and needles she wanted to refer me to specialist....i said do you think its a symtom of overactive thyroid she saidthe endo dept will tell you that....i said thats not till october can u just give me something...NO..yet againe..she sent me to the nurse for blood test..didnt even ask if i had eaten or drank anything.... wouldnt test forT3... SO WAITING tongue is sore and my tast buds are not as they should tongue feels daughter show my previous blood results to her friend who is a doctor ...she said i should be on steroids asap they react quick... any suggestion or should i justwait for my endo appointment...thanks

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Is it possible for you to chat to your daughter's friend to get an idea of what it is you need to highlight about your blood test results to your GP?

What sort of steroids does the friend think you need and why? Did you have blood tests with high CRP or ESR numbers indicating that you have a lot of inflammation?

No not realy the doctor is milatry so can not. Thanks.

I'm stumped by this. If this doctor is of the opinion that you "should be on steroids asap", I can see why it's inappropriate to intervene directly but I don't understand why the doctor can't comment on what prompted this remark based on your blood test results.

Did you have high inflammation markers in your blood tests? I'm just wondering why steroids were recommended.

Medstead... she saidwould work quickly to ease my symtoms on a short term basis....and then thyroid meds to controle it..they could take upto two months to start taking affect....will try get moor info from my daughters friend if possible next week but she can not treat me ...

Hi Gillianmellor,

Have you had your Vitamin B12 and Folate tested recently. You could check the symptoms list on PAS within Healthunlocked. Pins & needles is just one symptom of B12 deficiency.

J 🍀

Thankyou... the doctor is doing full blood test at moment will find put next week..

I think you should look at pernicious anaemia web site...your symptoms are very similar to mine before I had B12 injections.

Do you know your levels of B12 and folate?

I think you should definitely change your doctor as soon as possible.....find a doctor who will at least listen and respond to the symptoms you describe. You need to be very clear and very specific about what these are too. If you don't want to change doctors ....Don't take no for an answer and ask for a second opinion.

Thankyou...i am in the process of moving home so i will be changing gpin october...i tryed to changedoctors but they were not taking on new soon i will be in a different are all together.

The only other doctor in this practice i will not see he just dishes out anti biotics or tells u to go to a and e.....absolutley useless..


when i give her my symtoms she say DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE HAD A STROKE!

What the heck? Isn't that her job to find out if that thought crosses her mind?

I've heard it all now.

I'm off for a lie down.

PS - pins and needles - did you post on the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum as advised in your previous thread?

Thankyou i will off to visit my brother in hospital so will do it later xthankyou

Seaside Susie

I have never met you ...but would love I always enjoy reading your posts/ made me laugh so much on this one!.....are you going to the conference? I really hope so...I would look out for you xx


I tell you shond2015 day by day what we hear that doctors are saying to their patients is getting worse, not sure I can cope much longer, I think I might burst!

I wish all of them who come out with these stupid statements, blaming patients for being overmedicated (jeez, that one really gets to me!), ignoring under range/over range results, that they should be cursed with hypothyroidism, oooh, Hashi's would be nice with massive hypo-hyper-hypo swings on a weekly basis, may it happen overnight, may they have a doctor who ignores their symptoms, make them wait until their TSH reaches 100 :D then give them a measly 25mcg Levo only for 5 years, and when they complain they don't feel well they're told they have a mental illness.

Do you think that would be punishment enough :)

Sorry, I can't get to the conference :(

seaside susie

ha ha....I wish this upon all rubbish GP's every single day of my hell! glad to know I am not alone here....

thank you for bringing an unexpected giggle - (Dr Peatfield says in his book...'bring more laughter into your life' did it today for me..... even though we all know our health problems are certainly not a laughing matter!).

what a pity I shan't meet you. x

Come to north west wales coast for a holiday and we can meet up in my little seaside town - preferably out of season, it's nicer then :)

The other g p at the practice miss diagnosed my brother on 4 occasion over a five month petiod...he was treating him for constipation ...never even notoced he lost two and a half stone....bowel cancer....chemo..radiotherapy....colostomy bag....hes just had the cancer 8 weeks to go moor chemo then reversal of i do not have any confidence in my g p practice... thats why im moving house/area to get some confidence out of a new g all this with my gp is just wasting my time and them just sending me to specialist with long waiting of my apppintments is november!!! Only one month to wait for endo appointment thak heavens

Stay away from steroids as much as you can. I paralyzed myself for a couple of weeks some time ago by clobbering my sciatic nerve. I was desperate and our local village doc put me on steroids and yes they worked amazingly well and I was grateful for that but the side! The room was spinning, I had to ask my neighbor to change a light bulb and I almost had a head on collision and thought nothing of it, no emotional reaction whatever.

What makes your friend's doc think you have a condition that require's steroids? If you must go on them, stay in bed until your condition is cured. If it doesn't cure your condition within a week, get off 'em.

Go the routes described above, find out what your mineral deficiencies are then supplement, I did this and I feel great.

Thankyou....i will get my results and c what the g phas tested

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