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latest results: advice for fine tuning doses

Hello everyone, i just got my results today and think i need to change my doses slightly, so any advice would be very welcome as to how and how much! I am also now pregnant and worry the GP will try and take me off T3, is that right? Can i just keep going with it anyhow? I feel crap without it.... eventhough i might have just a bit too much.

TSH 0.41 / 0.30-5.00

T4 10.3 / 9.00-19.00

T3 7.3 /3.25-6.21

I am on 100mg T4 and 25mg T3

many thanks everyone!

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Hi there

Congratulations :-)

I can't convert T4 so was on T3 only but added 50mcg T4 for the baby just in case so didn't have my T3 reduced.

If you are pregnant, you will need an increase of approx 25-50 mcg T4 within about 6-8 weeks as your baby needs T4 from you also for normal fetal development so keep an eye on those levels. My endo added an extra 50mcg T4 at six weeks and stayed on that throughout. In accordance with NICE guidelines, GPs are supposed to refer you to an endo as soon as pregnancy is confirmed and discuss any med changes with an endo urgently before making any changes themselves.

DO NOT LISTEN TO A GP especially whilst pregnant as they really have no clue and often do some very stupid things and quote the NICE guidelines if necessary - I'll find the link later so you can print them off if you would like!!!! Many are likely to want to take you off the T3 but there is no real need to take you off completely (in my opinion) for the small amount you're on but discuss that with an endo. Whatever you do, don't allow them to make any major changes too fast as could result in instability which is not good during pregnancy for any amount of time. Also, you must ensure that your tsh does not climb above 2 to prevent issues. There should be some local trimester ranges for pregnancy that should be kept to for your area so see if you can find them

Your T3 is a little over range although tsh is still okay. How long before the blood test had you taken the last T3 dose? However, these are very similar to my levels through pregnancy and at the time I also needed a slightly higher T3 level to stop the TSH raising and mine went fine?

Hope you're feeling well :-D


Here's the link to the info you need in what GP should do if pregnant which also states the additional thyroid replacement from 4-6 weeks :-)



And here's the additional info in regards to TSH levels and other info you should read:


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thank you for all your thorough advice! much appreciated. and the whole issue with GPs and T3 is just ridiculous, it seems like an ideology war, which has nothing to do with patients, so I agree, not worth listening to.

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Just to ensure a balanced view, there was a research paper on this site recently in regards to high thyroid hormone levels being high during pregnancy possibly causing central/pituitary resistance within the child which I am considering as a possibility in my little one at the mo (although no solid evidence of this yet) so you might want to make sure your levels don't get too high too but this for me was preferable to the known fetal abnormalities/miscarriage risk associated with raised TSH so I suppose it's just something you need to read up about to make more informed decisions.

My autoimmunity did behave itself a little more when pregnant, was stable throughout and everything went fine and she's showing no other adverse effects :-D

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