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stopped metformin

i am pretty certain my hba1c came back wrong where my TSH is 22 (my glucose is allways high when TSH is high but this is the first time they tested hba1c because of it)

i stuck out the metformin for a week and felt worse on them, i had sudden bursts of needing to eat something fast or id pass out, i had even less energy on it than i did without

im not feeling extra thirssty (alltugh im drinking lots but thats due to the heat) and im not peeing for england

i was due to see the nurse tuesday but shes off sick so im seeing one of the newer drs, i will ask him for a repeat blood test and explain why i stopped the metformin

my mind is telling me i was wrong to stop but my body is telling me i did the right thing

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What is your TSH? What were you given to get it down?


TSH 22, increase on thyroxine


So your TSH hasn't gone down and they have done nothing about it.

Ask the GP how you get your TSH down. If the GP doesn't give you a clear answer on how they are going to tackle it ask for a referral to an endo.

The nurse can only prescribe things under the guidance of a doctor so it is no loss not seeing the nurse.

You also do need to work on getting your blood sugar down but the best advice on that will be on the diabetes.co.uk forums. I would go and post something on there today. You will likely be advised to modify your diet.


im going to ask dr to re do bloods tuesday im pretty sure its thyroid related and im not diabetic


Metformin is to treat diabetes so you are diabetic. There seems to be an association between thyroid problems and diabetes. I became diabetic a year after being diagnosed hypotyhroid. I have controlled it with diet and have not taken metformin.


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