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Help with current Thyroid problems and Myxedema since 1980's

Help with current Thyroid problems and Myxedema since 1980's

I wondered if I could supplement with Cytomeol.........I am currently on 125mcg Throxine.. Wockhart (26mcg) and Mercury (100mcg) recent blood test show

Thyroid function test15 Jun 2017

NameResultNormal range

Plasma TSH level0.21 mU/L 0.3 - 4.2mU/L

Plasma free T4 level15.4 pmol/L9 - 19pmol/L

Plasma free T3 level3.9 pmol/L2.6 - 5.7pmol/L

Thyroid function test15 May 2015

NameResultNormal range

Plasma TSH level0.15 mU/L 0.3 - 4.2mU/L

Plasma free T4 level14.8 pmol/L9 - 19pmol/L

I have thinning eyebrows, puffy face with pinky 'nose and cheeks' like a butterfly rash, severe pains in feet and wrists and other aches in my limbs, numbness and tingling in hands and feet...I feel muzzy headed a lot sometimes confused and no enthusiasm for any of my hobbies, occasional dizzy spells and scared after my Dad who died two years ago after his Throxine meds were stopped completely he just slowed to a zombiefied invalid who could not think speak eat or even breathe at the end... I am also scared my GP will stop my thyroxine after all these years and I will slow to a halt just like he did.

I saw a GP at my surgery two weeks ago ( I have had pain for years and in 2011 was diagnosed as needing vitamin D for severe bone ache) and he said he had order some tests but it was just my routine 'FULL' thyroid test and the results show normal with low TSH levels as above but he had suggested there was one other test to see why I have had body pains for the last few years and why my wrists and feet are now hurting so much.

I worry that could not afford to self medicate my Thyroid if my GP stops my Thyroxine and how I would know what levels of medications to take.

Sorry this is a bit confusing as I am very confused myself over this.

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I would think it is impossible for doctors to stop our thyroid hormone replacement as we are a 'special' group who have regulations that we must have prescriptions for hypothyroidism.

I made this statement before re-reading and am absolutely horrified that your father's was stopped resulting in his death. This is absolutely horrific and I hope this was recorded and someone should have been brought before authorities for 'negligence'. No wonder you're terrified.

If you are having pain - that is extremely common when:-

1: on an insufficient dose.

2: not converting levo sufficiently to FT3.

Levothyroxine is T4 only. It is inactive.

It has to convert to T3. T3 is the only active hormone required in our billions of receptor cells. Doctors appear to be unaware of this.

Your pain could be 'fibromyalgia' which can be relieved with T3 only but at present doctors will not prescribe this Active hormone - due to a prohibitive rise in cost. Fibromyalgia (and most doctors are unaware of this) is due to thyroid hormone resistance, meaning the patient only gets well on T3 only.

For someone diagnosed in the 80's you've had years of ill-health. Theoretically you should have no clinical symptoms at all and I'll give you a list:



Other members will respond shortly. You should have B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested and all tests re hypo should be:-

The very earliest possible, fasting and allow a gap of 24 hours between last dose and test and take it afterwards. This keeps the TSH highest as it drops throughout the day.


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