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Pls help me with my recent test results

I have had a baby four months ago

I was feeling awful on two grains of dessacated thyroid so upped my dose from 2 grains to 4 grains in 4 months

T4 free 1.09ng/dl (0,61 - 1,12)

T3 free 8,2 (2,3 - 3,9)

(took my thyroid tablets that morning-wasn't expecting to pass the clinic but when I did I decided to get my bloods done. Don't know if that effects the results)

TPO antibodies 0.8 (0-9)

Ferritin 96,3ng/ml (11-307)

B12 822pg/ml (134-590)

25 OH D 82,92ng/ml (39-100)

Feel normal now after so much exhaustion and sweating on the low dose. Also had eyebrow loss.

Still constipated

Currently 4month post birth and I am breastfeeding a big greedy baby.

Bit of a random question but ....Does anyone know when my eyebrows will start filling out again ?

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You said 'hadn't a baby four months ago'. As you had a baby four months ago, I think you're doing quite well so far and hopefully you'll be back to normal health soon.

Your doctor will panic at your high FT3 result and that will be due to not leaving 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test. Your results are skewed.

To edit your post click the down arrow to the right of 'like and follow post' and select edit. Your other results look fine.

I'm glad you are feeling so much better on NDT. As the blood tests were introduced for levo alone, when taking NDT they wont correspond. It is how the patient feels which is the priority when changing doses.

I cannot tell when your eyebrows will return.


Thank you

I do feel well now

I was just wondering if I am

Overdosing myself; but have no hyper symptoms


Believe me, if you didn't feel well you wouldn't be able to say 'I do feel well now' so that's certainly a good thing as you have a little baby to look after.

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