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PLEASE HELP Recommended Endocrinologist that actually listen to you

Just been to my gp who is adament that I don't have Hashimotos and just have told me I havery subclinical hypothyroidism...oh and depression! The only good thing that has come from this is that she has offered to refer me to an Endocrinolgist.

Please help. I need a couple and would like them to use NDT.

My two was 255 and in 2014 showed up as 225 but because my t4 and t3 were in range but raised tsh all the way through I don't have Hashimotos.

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Email for the list of thyroid friendly endos. Ask on the forum for feedback on any you can get to. Replies will have to be by private message.


If your Tpo and/or TG antibodies are raised you have hashis (but your GP might call it autoimmune thyroiditis). It makes no difference to the NHS as they don't treat the autoimmune part of the problem.


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