Scottish Parliamentary Committee Meeting

Just to remind readers that the meeting on Petition PE1463 regarding the treatment of thyroid dysfunction and its current problems in diagnosis and treatment will be held at 9.15 am on Thursday next in a Committee room of the Scottish Parliament. It will be available in video form I believe. I hope to convince the Committee that the current paradigm of thyroid deficiency treatment is inefficient, wasteful of medical time and resources, uses the wrong tests to control treatment, commits the sin of categorisation of patients anywhere into the normal ranges rather than treating them as individuals with their unique targets for health, promotes biochemical markers over patient symptom presentation rather than the other way round and is detrimental to the health, wellbeing and economic activity of a significant minority of patients suffering from thyroid insufficiency or total loss. In short the need for a thorough unbiased review of current practice.

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Good luck!

Good luck!

Look forward to seeing the video and wish you Good Luck in getting points across.

Good luck. I was hoping to be there, but now have to get the train down to London that morning. Sorry.

Good luck and fingers crossed!

Good luck hope all goes,well

Looking forward to seeing the video. Hope all goes well. Thank you so much.

Good luck, I wish you well :-)


Good luck .. all the very best!!

Good luck and thank you. Hoping for success that can pave the way for change in England also.

Good luck and thank you for all the hard work you have put into this

Any news ? How did it go ? Perhaps I am being impatient 😊

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