The Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament meet Again

The Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament meet Again

The Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament met again yesterday (25th June 2013) to discuss the petition for effective thyroid and adrenal testing, diagnosis and treatment.

Well done the Scottish Ladies for getting this far! Fingers crossed that Thyroid UK is invited to the meeting!

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  • Hmm,

    I'm concerned that the list of possible organisations/people invited is slanted towards the establishment and their current position:

    . Royal College of Physicians

    · General Medical Council

    · Dr Anthony Toft, Spire Murrayfield Hospital Edinburgh

    · Thyroid UK

    · British Thyroid Association

    · Society for Endocrinology

    Thyroid UK is the only patient association there. All the others are members of the "establishment" who currently see little wrong with how patients are being treated. I realise the petitioners will be there but patients will still be outnumbered!!

    If Thyroid UK isn't invited then it will be the petitioners "against" all other invited people!!!

    Totoro x

  • Don't worry we are on it.

  • That's reassuring thank you :-)

  • Also, did someone find figures for how much T3 was prescribed in the UK when the recent shortage was going on? I thought I saw the information on this forum somewhere but can't find it.

    I wanted to extrapolate backwards how much would be saved if we paid EU rather than UK current rates.


  • See my reply to Muffy. :-)

  • Thanks :-)

    So many patients never get told T3 even exists, let alone get offered it. The first two endocrinologists I saw never told me about it. No wonder there aren't more patients on it!

    Totoro x

  • We have so often read of people being told very definitely, sometimes by several doctors, there is nothing other than levothyroxine.


  • I had a feeling that Rod said there were almost 4million prescriptions for liothyronine in the UK last year or am I just imagining that figure?!

  • I think it was 4 million TABLETS!

    Please, please do re-check everything. I wouldn't want the figures to be wrong and quoted without that!


  • Oh, sorry Rod, I did say, 'or was just imagining it'!!! I obviously was. Thanks

  • It would be good if they invited Dr Skinner and Dr Barry Durrant Peatfield (who had to relinquish his medical licence due to prescribing Armour etc)..Both of whom have widespread expertise in giving patients their lives back and some people cannot afford this care.

    The above Establishments did not reply to Dr Lowe's Rebuttal to them regarding the Research using T3 or Armour so I doubt they will change their minds as they believe they know better than the patients who either suffer by being diagnosed/undiagnosed by the TSH alone, being kept within the reference range, or only being prescribed levothyroxine and costing the NHS so much more money as they dispense other medicinations to try to alleviate the additional symptoms rather than give us appropriate thyroid gland hormone replacements.

    They HAVE TO invite Thyroiduk as they are our lifesavers when the NHS treatment doesn't work. The fact that there are now nearly 10,000 members in such a short time surely is proof that there is a need for support and for doctors to be better trained in thyroid gland clinical symptoms - not dispense levo and be told to get on with it despite us feeling much worse.

    Why should people be forced to self-medicate and worry about - will they feel worse - are they doing the right thing?

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