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hi, i order my T3 6/7months at a time and the last couples of times i have ordered i have had to come here to ask for up to date sites as the sites i had access to for my last orders dont have any T3 or are wanting payment by bitcoin only and i cannot for the life of me work out how to do this could someone please message me any sites they have used in recent weeks which i can pay by credit card. Many thanks


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  • ellemaereading, payment by credit card for prescription medication is virtually impossible now.

    Ask your preferred suppliers if you can pay via Western Union, as this is the next best thing. It's quite straight forward to open a WU account and transfer the amount from your bank account.

  • thank you i will look at that as i am starting to panic a bit I cant find any sites to order from.

  • Hi im just wondering where you order your t3 from! my doctors wont even test for it! I'd like to try it!

    They did a "full" thyroid screen this time but the results only came back with my tsh and t4 x

  • Hi - I believe elliemaereading is talking about the medication and you are looking for tests. For options see our parent site

    Many of us use these for comprehensive testing. xx

  • No I was just saying that my doctor doesn't even test for t3. Ive heard that doctors are reluctant/ wont prescribe t3 anymore so was asking if she knew any reputable places I could buy it from to see if I feel any better combining it with my levo. Basically got told of at the doctors today because they think im not taking my medication regularly as my tsh level had gone back up! I do forget sometimes because brainfog lol but always try to take it every day! im also desperate to lose some weight !

  • Hi - T3 medicine is a hard taskmaster. It can be quite tricky to introduce in effects, timing and what will be necessary private tests. You also really shouldn't take it without having all nutrients and minerals optimised as that could magnify and increase any issues. Before even considering you really should consider getting a comprehensive private test done covering TSH, FT4, FT3, folate, ferritin, vit D, vit B12 and anti-bodies. Members here would then be able to advise whether or not you should be considering T3, or if your ongoing problems could be caused or helped by some of these levels.

    Gillian xx

  • Ok I will look into this, Thank you for taking the time to reply to me Gillian x

  • When u have results post with ranges. After blood test start the protocol of supplements and probiotics outlined in Dr Peatfields book and Thyroid Parient Advocates letter to new members. You meed optimum levels anyway so regardless of results will prepare u r body. When you have done this can post request for T3 info again and ask members for info via PM. I just started getting from German pharmacy but u will need prescription. Try GP first to get in record his refusal and then need to see a good private Endo. Just to warn you all this and supplements and meds has cost me 1000 pounds so far. Thats two Endo appountments UK T3 for a month and supplements for 2 and tests. Get as much done as i can on NHS- i didnt realise they can do bloods. So try to het GP on u r side, know his/ her hands are tied but can you agree to help me with blood tests!

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