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Hi is there anyone out there in the UK that has an NHS gp willing to prescribe them T3, I am with an endocrinologist who refused T3 because he said I was not Hypothyroid, so I told him I would buy it, he then said "I strongly advise you against that but if you do and it works then I will prescribe it" Well it is working and I am currently taking 87.5 mcg every day. But now he says that he can't prescribe without evidence that I am hypothyroid i.e. the original test results, or test results which show I'm hypothyroid, in the beginning I had tests done by a private doctor and they do not have any records for me as they delete records after 10 years, I saw him last in 2004, gutted I just missed the deadline, anyway my endo is saying he can't prescribe without evidence but if I am on meds then my bloods won't look hypothyroid. I need a doctor who actually knows what is going on with T3 therapy and is willing to discuss symptoms.

Please can anyone help me find an NHS doctor, I can not afford to go to see someone privately.

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I believe that there is a list of Nhs doctors, held by admin. ( Louise). Failing that if you search through rods posts he supplied a lst of Nhs doctors practices where they prescribe t3 and NDT. It was about last November. All info he got from the Nhs site but I haven't been able to collate the same info..... You could look on rods list and see which local surgeries are prescribing.

Hope this helps

g x


Thanks I tried Louise but they don't have a list so i will try Rod, what is his name on here?


Acunatang, many GP practices refuse to prescribe T3 without an NHS endo recommendation and some can be difficult if they have an eye to their drugs budget even with a recommendation.

This is the spreadsheet Helvella produced to show which GP practices prescribe T3 and NDT.


Thanks very much, if they gave me the T3 I needed instead of offering me drugs for Crohns disease, migraine, Spondulitis, Depression, Rheumatoid arthritis and IBS over the years, it would have been much cheaper for them.

Thanks for the link :)

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I had this problem...I was being prescribed T3 for some years, having been through NDT and T4, when suddenly my GP wrote to say that they were stopping my T3 immediately as I was not diagnosed hypothyroid.

For decades my tests (I assume tsh) were 'normal' and I became very ill; I was diagnosed privately by a doctor using the 24-hr urine test. This had been accepted by my GP until his change of tune - I'm assuming the this was a cost issue.

Anyway, now being on T3 I will not be able to get a diagnosis of hypothyroidism on the nhs. The GP cited all sorts of reasons, like having a heart attack or my bones crumbling because I take T3 when there is nothing wrong with me.

Needless to say I buy my own T3. This is not ideal but what can one do?


Hi Penny my endo said I am not hypothyroid because my bloods say not, so he wouldn't prescribe T3, at the time I was on Armour and feeling really ill, T4 made me feel a lot worse! Anyway I told him I would have to buy it, he advised me against buying my own but said if it worked then he would prescribe it! But he lied because he has now gone back on his word! Surprise surprise,!! we so need to expose this terrible way we are being treated!


Failing that - you could come off awhile & get a diagnosis... if you want a diagnosis that is..

I stopped NDT for a month = TSH 19.79

just a thought, actually I didn't feel that bad, at the time :D


I did think of coming off meds to get a diagnosis but, last night I went to the theatre and forgot to take my 7pm dose of 37.5 mcg T3 with me and ended up in a lot of pain last night and today and also spent most of the day in bed! So I don't think it will be a good idea to come off just to get a diagnosis, I think I will settle for having to buy it! But I'm not going to just let it go! I write a health column every fortnight in my local paper and they have agreed to me writing a whole page on my hypothyroidism, which I know my local GP and endocrinologist will read! So they might have won when it comes to prescribing T3 but everyone will know that people are suffering because of their incorrect decisions!!


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