Pain in left side shoulder and shoulder blade area and ribcage

Hi everyone I posted here before euthyroid from graves since last year in November my blood results are always in range since then and I'm not on any thyroid medication all my symptoms have become a lot better but this smovong shoulder pain hasn't gone its still there I'm wondering if its related to thyroid I'm going to physio too but it's there most the time pls if anyone can help would be very grateful thanks ....Samy

Sorry greygoosei did nt k ow how to send message before so somehow sent ui think ..sorry for that

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I've read many times that shoulder pain can be related to gluten sensitivity. Worth getting tested for celiac disease and then trying a gluten free diet regardless of the result, to see if it helps:

Thanks josiemum I will ask my gp

Your GP is unlikely to have heard of any link to frozen shoulder. But definitely worth getting tested for celiac. After that, the way to know if gluten is affecting you is to try giving it up for a while and see if you feel better.

hi I have read that a vitamin D deficiency can cause shoulder pain .

A good chiropractor are often a lot better than physios in figuring out what is causing these kinds of issues if you can find a good one.

Are there any times it hurts more? Does it hurt more when you breath for example?

No it does nt hurt when I breath its just moving pain around that area and that side

U r right saggyuk one of my friend have suggested the chiropractor as well I see if I can find someone local thanks a lot..

Referred pain to rib cage is not so usual but ribcage issues often refer pain to shoulder. Could you have damaged a rib?

Maybe check out Costochondritis too - is inflammatory issue that would cause pain in ribcage, behind shoulder blade and shoulder too? :-)

Thank u so much sggyuk have to ask my GP about this see what they say

Gps are often a bit useless with this stuff to be honest but worth a try :-)

I'm completely agree to u they r no doubt lol

Perhaps get checked for a deep chest infection such as chlamydia pneumonia and also monitor your heart rate.

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