endo and nutritionalist in SW area

does anyone have any recommendations for endo's and nutritionalists in the Bristol/SW area? I transitioned from Levo to Nutri Thyroid NDT in July 2014 with no endo/Dr input. 9 months on and still increasing my dose, blood tests show I'm getting close to optimum dose but symptoms are worsening. advice and recommendations greatly appreciated. P.S Id like to thank everyone on this forum - it has helped me so much


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  • It would be helpful if you could post your results and ranges.

  • not sure why posting my blood results helps people recommend a south west endo and nutritionist...but here they are anyway....

    Tests were taken 6 weeks ago in Malaysia so ranges may be different to UK, FT3 2.4 in a range of 2.3-4.2. FT4 1.14 in a range of 0.89-1.76, TSH 0.2 in a range of 0.35-5.5, ferritin 32.8 in a range of 10-291.

  • I am no expert but on NDT I believe your T3 should be close to the top of the range not near the bottom. Suggests under medicated.

  • Hi there,

    I see a lovely lady endo at southmead hospital north Bristol trust. She is incredibly patient and kind and very good with keeping in contact. Unfortunately she does not work privately only nhs at that hospital.

    feel free to message me :) xxxx

  • Hi Rach, please could you private message me with her name?

    My local endo and GPs remain wilfully averse and ignorant and I could do with a friendly NHS medical person to support me.

  • Thank you Rachel. Ill see if my Bristol GP will refer me when I get back to the UK.

  • Could you please let me know the name of this endo at Southmead. I live quite close to Bristol and will try to get my GP to refer me. Going it alone is OK for a while but sometimes a bit of support and advice in person would be great. ( Although I have had brilliant support online.)

    Thank you so much,


  • Hi Rachel, pls can you pm me the name if your Endo in southmead. Thank you

  • Hi Rach, pls can you PM me with the name of your lady at southmead hospital. thanks os much for the info. regards, Janine

  • please can you message me details too?

  • Could some one private message me with the name of this southmead endo. I also live in Bristol

  • Ur results look like they could be better, near the top of the range. With an increase you may start to feel better. The iron one is very low, have you been prescribed iron, if not, you need to be, its free on the NHS (dont know about in England, but in Wales we get free prescriptions no matter what).x

  • We get free prescriptions if we are diagnosed hypo and put on levo, so iron should be free!

  • I knew that in England you would get free prescriptions for hypo medication but was not sure about other medication. I have a friend who's friend lives in Warick and is on benefits and she said that she has to pay for all her prescriptions. Am not sure how, as having worked in Welfare Rights I know that prescriptions are free if on benefits, unless someone is on contribution based ones (though, I only worked in Welfare Rights in Wales, though England and Wales have the same law). Dont really know much about her circumstances, excpet that she is on housing benefits which is means-tested.

    If you get iron free also thats good:-)

    Have you been checked for vit D, B12, folic ect as symptoms can be similar.

    I am on vit D and calcium combination due to low parathyroid. Even though am on a high dose of thyroxine, and also am on T3, I still have chronic fatigue which at the moment is worse than ever - though, it could be down to a personal problem which has knocked me for six.

    Gp/Endo etc need to take a holistic approach. Many dont hence why we have this site to share info.

    I dont know of any endo's in Bristol. I have an NHS endo in Cardiff who also takes private. Let me know if its any use to you and I can PM the details.

  • hi i was searching online for thyroid clinic in bristol and i've found DR Nicola Hembry she has clinic in clifton,just read her treatment protocol she treats with NDT plus she treats adrenal fatigue..tried to make an appointment but its seems i wont get one before june...you can try nuffield hospital in clifton they have endocrine specialist.me personally used to see one of their drs and was open minded to prescribe me t3 or NDT incase t3 doesnt work with me.but didnt like how he treated my adrenal fatigue i suggested him to make saliva test but he insisted with blood test which is really inaccurate..good luck for you all :)

  • Good info, thanks zeezee

  • janinew,

    I've recently started seeing a Naturopath in Cheddar. I had 2 recommendations before seeing her, and am pleased with my results so far. I'll PM you with her details.

    Best wishes,

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