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I am new to this community, so sorry if this post is a common one.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism whilst pregnant, I saw an endocrinologist in hospital who told me anti-bodies were detected, so I have assumed I have Hashimotos. Since then I have had little advice from GP, just a prescription for 100mg Levothyroxine. Over time I have began to feel worse and worse. I took a list of symptoms to my GP:

exhaustion and fatigue

pain in my joints

dizzy cotton wool brain spells

poor working memory and poor executive functioning skills


panic attacks

general feeling of being unwell

hard to shift weight


zero sex drive


increasing mood swings (I have always been a calm person)

He told me my TSH levels were within the normal range and as I am a mother to a child with autism I must be depressed and gave me contact details for a counselling service only. I am not depressed, I feel bad because of my symptoms. I have had depression in the past so have some basis of comparison. I am feeling desperate as the symptoms are impacting all areas of my life, I am not the wife, mother, daughter or friend I want to be because I feel so unwell.

I have just started taking kelp and selenium in the hopes I will feel better. Has anyone tried this? How long did it take to work? Does anyone have any advice? Tried taking glands available to purchase online?

Thank you 😊

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HashiThyroid If you don't already have them, ask your surgery for a print out of your results. You are legally entitled to them under the Data Protection Act. Make sure the reference ranges are included. Then post them on the forum for members to comment.

Hopefully you will have



and it would be good to have FT3 but I doubt that's been done.

You are most likely undermedicated.

Also, ask for the following vitamins and minerals to be tested:

Vit D




If you have antibodies then they probably tested TPO so you have Hashimoto's. In which case a gluten free diet can help reduce the antibodies. Gluten contains gliadin which is a protein thought to trigger antibody attacks.

Read about the gluten/thyroid connection here

and read about Hashi's here

One more thing, please stop the kelp. We only need iodine if we have been tested deficient, and iodine is definitely not good for a Hashi's patient.


Thank you so much for getting back to me. I was wondering how everyone knew their blood results. Think I will go back and try a different GP. Have you tried NDT? (saw this mentioned in sttm article link). Lots of reading for me ☺ Just hope I can remember what I read 😂


Yes, I tried NDT back in 2000, it didn't do it for me. Long story which is in my profile. I now self source T3 to add to my prescribed Levo.

SSTM does rather push NDT!


would you be happy to share where you source your T3?


Essential to get all vitamin levels really good and if Hashimoto's to be gluten free first.

Also help repair gut with good probiotic and fermented foods like kefir are good too


The Thyroid Pharmacist website has masses of info about Hashimoto's

Also great documentary on you tube also by Isabella Wentz called the Thyroid Secret

Most importantly we need our vitamin D, folate, B12 and ferritin at very good levels, and very many of us with Hashimoto's also need to be strictly gluten free diet

The close link between poor gut function and low nutrients and Hashimoto's is sadly often not considered by medics .

There is some suggestion that if we have Hashimoto's T3 may suit better than NDT if struggling on just T4. We are all different & there's no one answer for all.

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thank you so much. I have just watched the first of The Thyroid secret on YouTube. I am going to have to get in control of this to be able to function well in life so I think I will give the diet a real try. Will be hard to get my head around I think, I rely so much on grains and quick starchy food stuff at the moment


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