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Looking for advice please. I was told that my tsh was 6.12 when a neurologist did some recent blood tests at the end of Oct 2016. My gp repeated bloods at together beginning of Jan 2017 and my tsh was 7.54 and my antibodies were 500. I had no symptons other than fatigue. Gp started me on Levothyroxine 25 mg and for 8 weeks I felt fine. On 10th March (coincidently 2 days after having an general anaesthetic for a minor procedure) I began to feel unwell. My legs felt wobbly, I had severe headaches and was feeling anxious and a longstanding back and neck problem became severe. I also felt sick. My gp put me on beta blockers because my blood pressure was raised and my heart was thumping. She denies that it could be the Levothyroxine causing these symptoms as I felt fine for 8 weeks. A blood test last week showed my tsh to be 2.5 (don't know level of antibodies) and she says that's the figure my tsh should be. She diagnosed a virus which I still have 19 days later. I have stopped taking Levothyroxine as I feel so ill and my father in law swears it's the tablets as he felt unwell on them. Any advice please? Have I done the right thing?

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It could be your anaesthetic that caused the problem.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is often used as one of the gases in anaesthesia. It has a very serious side effect for some people. It oxidises/damages the vitamin B12 in the body. Anyone who has low reserves of vitamin B12 before anaesthetic could develop extremely serious deficiency symptoms very rapidly after it is over.

You would need to be tested for vitamin B12 levels. There are two kinds of vitamin B12 test - the standard serum test and the active B12 test. Go to the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum and ask them which test(s) you should have, and what you should supplement with afterwards - test first then supplement.


Maybe I should look into b12 levels then. Thanks for that info. Should I have had b12 or any other blood tests done when I was found to have hypothyroidism initially? Sorry, I'm new to this and no nothing about the condition except that I have Hashimotos as I have antibodies of 500?

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Yes, it's something you should ask for B12 folate ferritin Vit D these are all crucial cofactors for hypothyroid patients.


Thank you Pixielula


You are hypothyroid.You will need to have thyroid hormones in some form.

You were started on a very low dose which sometimes makes folk feel worse as the thyroid itself produces less as the extra in the system is sensed.

Being hypothyroid you need your TSH at 1 or below so 2.5 might be in range but is too high.

That is not to say that the anaesthetic may not be the cause of your immediate issues.

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Thank you Treepie. My gp actually has a thyroid problem and sees her own endocrinologist but hasn't suggested I see one. She is passing this episode off as a virus (day 20 now!). I've not had blood tests to check for b12 etc. Don't know what my t3/t4 numbers are. I may try and see a different gp next week to push for more blood tests/endocrinologist


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