Results and I'm freaking out....again!

I'm freaking out a bit. Please could I ask for some help? So I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy 3 weeks ago. I was told I would only get a call for a meeting if some thing was wrong......I just got the call and a meeting made for June 6th at 6pm.

Please could you tell me all the things they could of found? I know they tested for Celiac but what else? What are they looking for? What could they of found?

Thank you so much.

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Evidence of coeliac disease perhaps? Polyps? Positive test for Helicobacter Pylori? Ulcerative colitis? Crohn's Disease?

Is trying to guess what they found actually going to help you?

Ha! No. Not in the slightest. But I can't help it.

I am wondering if they test for cancer too?

Generally speaking, if they had found cancer they would have had you back much earlier than 5 weeks. With both of these procedures the performing doctor can see what is going on at the time and if cancer from either end had been suspected/seen it would have been flagged up to report sooner :-)

Don't quote me on it as you never know with the NHS, but I would have thought if they had found an unidentifiable lump, they would have biopsied and informed you at the time and said they would let you know results of biopsy and been a little quicker about it??? I might be wrong but I would assume the others for now. If they were testing for coeliacs, it will take them a little longer than something you can see more obviously as they have to get the sample taken under a microscope as can't be seen with the naked eye x

If they found any polyps they would have removed them. Testing them for cancerous changes would be automatic.

If they had found something cancerous you would have fallen under the 2 week rule so highly unlikely. Much more likely to be coeliac.

Ok I'm feeling a bit better!

After when I was in recovery she said she didn't see anything 'bad' but it was all a bit confusing as it was in French and I was just out of a general anaesthetic.

So likely options are Celiac? Chrones? Pollop?

Eosinophilic inflammation which is allergy type condition, it is not serious just uncomfortable.

It's autoimmune disease. (Couldn't edit my posting on phone)

It maybe just a normal appointment to discuss the procedure. After all it's been more than 3 weeks since you have the procedures so it may be a normal appointment just to give you an update on what they found or dididn't find.

She said I would only see her again if there was a problem....

I'm quite sure there is as I have so many tummy issues...just thinking the worst ☹️

I think that's unusual i.e only if there was a problem. Anyway, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

If hypo we can have stomach issues due to low stomach acid and I'll give you a couple of links which might be helpful.

It is common with hypothyroidism.

Presumably up to endoscopy you had to remain eating gluten. You could now change to gluten free diet to see if it helps

A while back I went GF for 3 months and I felt no difference. Mabye a little less bloated but not I've been eating gluten since. I think that's going to stop tho isn't it! 😬☹️

Have you had vitamin D tested? Couldn't see it in any past posts

Yes last sept and it was ok 😊

What's "oK"

On Levo /with thyroid issues we seem to need or use more

Level needs ideally to be at least 70 nml/L and around 100nmol/L seems better (that's UK unit measurements not USA units )

I had the tests too. They took biopsy and told me then it was fine.

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