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TSH results

Can anyone give me some idea regarding my Thyroid results please? I know when we have hypopititism ( following surgery to remove a tumour from my pituitary gland) our results are different to those with straightforward hypothyroidsim. The lab only did TSH rather than T3 & T4.

My TSH was 0.57 mu/L with the range of 0.35-5.0 mu/L Is this slightly low?I'm on 100mcgs of Levothyroxine.


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When you have hypopituitiarism TSH should be disregarded and FT4 and FT3 used as guides for dosing. Your GP should write hypopituitarism on the blood form and request FT4 and FT3.

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Your TSH is fine - well within range and quite high for someone with pituitary problems, but not very important if you are on thyroid meds and not important at all if you are hypopit (you never know what it will be as it doesn'tobery the normal rules). You need to know free T4 and Free T3, it's a waste of time testing TSH in your case.


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